36 thoughts on “Honey, Why Is The Peanut Butter Runny?”

  1. A staple at my “uppity” K-8 grade school lunchroom in the 50’s was peanut butter, honey, and butter whipped together and then spread on super soft fresh bread … still the best d**n stuff I ever ate.

  2. AY,

    We do still have the right against self-incrimination although I am certain the statute of limitations has run. I now choose to exercise that right.

    And might I add “Muahahahahaha!”

  3. Buddha,

    I bet you were the type of kid at Halloween that tricked the neighbor kids so bad that they dropped the bag of candy and you collected the victory candy…

  4. My mom always said not to take candy from strangers.

    She said nothing about cookies though.

  5. BIL,
    Well, I will have to mark your birthday on my calendar for 2011 and make sure to send some down. you know what they say…easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomache!

  6. Buddha:

    Are you saying that Dick Cheney used peanut butter on KSM? With or without Jelly? Isnt that on the kinky side? A DCKSMPBJ sammy?

  7. For a certain segment of society, anaphylaxis resulting from allergic reaction. For the rest? You could simply spackle their mouths and noses shut with it. Not to mention putting the jar in a pillow case and using it as a mace. Peanut butter is dense. Even in a modern plastic jar you could really knock the crap out of someone with it. Then there is always Dick Cheney’s favorite, peanut butter boarding.

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