Surgeon Mistakingly Removes Infant’s Bladder But Insists She DId Not Commit Misconduct Warranting Serious Discipline

An English surgeon who mistakenly removed a baby’s bladder in an operation is fighting to keep her license. Pierina Kapur, 43, a consultant pediatric surgeon, insists that her surgical performance was “inadequate” but that she did not engage in misconduct that should result in serious discipline. In the meantime, the baby will need a catheter for the rest of her life.

Kapur mistook the girl’s bladder for for a hernia and only realized her blunder when the girl was admitted to the intensive care unit with acute kidney failure.

She is also accused for failing to arrange for blood tests or an ultrasound.

The girl is now 18 months and not only will require a catheter for the rest of her life but a series of operations. Normally this type of hernia operation would take about 15 minutes and is considered a relatively simple surgical procedure.

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16 thoughts on “Surgeon Mistakingly Removes Infant’s Bladder But Insists She DId Not Commit Misconduct Warranting Serious Discipline”

  1. I went to College with a brilliant pre-med student who one day while drinking admitted to me that he wanted to be a gynecologist to better observe vagina’s. We lost track of each other after school only for me to see a newspaper article about ten years ago where he had been arrested on charges of of sexual abuse of at least 50 patients. Two days later he killed himself in a motel room.

    Even the most brilliant of physicians can have quirks of personality and considering they hold life, or its quality in their hands, they need to be held to higher standards. This doctor’s incompetence caused lifelong harm through failing to exercise due vigilance, while I like Rafflaw’s solution, I think he medical career should nevertheless be over.

    Buddha’s defining “an eye for an eye” is on target, but like much in holy scriptures in any religion, has been used to bolster fanatics personal prejudice.

  2. Canadian,
    Doughnuts we did have sometimes, but alas, no pizza! I am sure that I am due alot of refunds for the 8 years in Catholic grade schools!

  3. Rafflaw,
    Lol, not only pizza, but some Sundays it was doughnuts!!! You should definately aske for a refund….kids need some payback for sitting through Sunday Mass!! By the way, I am a reformed Catholic!!

  4. BIL,
    I must admit, I haven’t read the old testament, was raised in the Catholic churches of one of the holiest cities in Canada however. While I attended each Sunday morning simply for the enjoyment of being with my grandmother and the promise of pizza after church, I guess there was at least one sermon that I listened to. I always thought that the meaning of ” an eye for an eye ” was equity and not so much revenge!

  5. So true, Canadian. And a very good reading on the Old Testament too. It is a common misconception than “an eye for eye” is about revenge when that tale is actually about equity.

    re·venge \ri-ˈvenj\, v.t.

    1 : to avenge (as oneself) usually by retaliating in kind or degree
    2 : to inflict injury in return for (revenge an insult)

    eq·ui·ty \ˈe-kwə-tē\, n.

    1 a : justice according to natural law or right; specifically : freedom from bias or favoritism b : something that is equitable

  6. I kind of like raff’s idea. If you misplace a patient’s pieces parts, it should come out of the doctor’s inventory – provided it’s a tissue match of course.

    That’d make some of those scalpel happy fiends a bit more cautious.

  7. Maybe the good doctor could donate her Bladder to the child!? She should lose her license right after her insurance company pays millions to the Child for her severe negligence.

  8. For god’s sake, they’re transplanting all kinds of organs these days….can’t they get that little girl a functional bladder?

  9. I am not sure I agree with seizing his assets under RICO until an adjudication of guilt is established. In that same breath, the parents that filed a lawsuit against him should not be able to proceed until all children damaged are joined in as a class, hence no preferential treatment to any payout of any kind.

  10. I had heard this but wanted to make sure that it was for real. This is one sick bastard.

    Delaware crime: Troopers search Dr. Earl Bradley’s office
    Prosecutors take action to freeze doctor’s assets

    Police previously conducted one search at Bradley’s home on Savannah Road in Lewes, and twice raided his former office at 18259 Coastal Highway (Del. 1). During one December office search, a detective wrote in court papers, police found a computer thumb drive that held graphic videos depicting Bradley having intercourse and oral sex with toddlers. The FBI is now helping police analyze other computer files.–Troopers-search-Dr.-Earl-Bradley%5C-s-office

  11. Buddha,

    I thought that was a Wild Rose Whine served with Leg of Frank and Rack of Ben.

    On the other hand this type of surgery is not that easy or that complicated. It is unfortunate.

  12. Nal,

    By Margolis’ standard – such that it is, Jeffery Dahlmer simply showed poor judgement in his dietary and relationship choices.

    Everyone knows you serve human with a white wine, preferably a Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc.

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