Calls for Knutering: PETA Demands German Polar Bear Be Castrated

First, animal rights activists wanted to euthanize Knut as a polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo, here. Now, they want to castrate him. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants Knut (now grown) to be castrated to avoid his mating with another bear who is his cousin. Giovanna has been placed in the same area as Knut and they are getting quite close. That has led to call to neuter Knut.

PETA insists that any offspring will reduce the genetic diversity of the polar bear population through “incest depression.” PETA’s Frank Albrecht insisted that the castration would actually ensure a loving and lasting relationship: “Knut fans need to know that only Knut’s castration would allow a long life together with Giovanna.” Wow, that is a tough sell: “Honey, castration will just bring us closer.” My guess is that Knut may have a few objections to this approach to building a lasting relationship.

Now, many men would suggest that if the zoo wanted to avoid any danger of sex, just marry the bears. However, this turns out to be a myth, here (“According to a large-scale national study, married people have both more and better sex than do their unmarried counterparts.”)

The two bears were put together due to construction work on Gianna’s (as she is nicknamed) den in Munich.

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14 thoughts on “Calls for Knutering: PETA Demands German Polar Bear Be Castrated”

  1. Has PETA even seen the people that JT blogs about? Abusing their children, often killing them with reckless behaviour, drug addiction, internet addiction…..

    Have they nothing better to do then to call for a bear to be castrated?

    I think I can get to about 4.5 billion PEOPLE that could use a good castration as well…. Prioritize damnit. Let the bear fuck.

  2. The answer is simple, give the castration knife to the most vocal PETA member and allow him/her into the cage to perform the surgery (without anesthesia, of course since that would probably violate the bear’s civil rights.)

    The problem will soon solve itself.

  3. The GOP’s inbreeding will certainly lead to the extinction of the class that we now are aware of.

    How many more heathens shall be deposed before the plot is exposed?

  4. So, I take it, PETA activists are warning the Berlin Zoo that Knut should not be allowed to mate with Giovanna because they aren’t polar opposites. Well, they are right–we MUST stop incest depression in the animal world. A tip of what remains of the ice cap to PETA.

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  7. Bdaman,

    No I did not see Leno last night. That is a little too late for me. What was on that I missed?

  8. If they do mate will the off spring be the next Governor of a US state?

    Did you see her on Leno last night

  9. Even if PETA is right that Knut and Giovanna’s offspring will reduce the genetic diversity of the polar bear population through “incest depression,” this reduction, relative to the entire polar bear population, would seem insignificant. But, if PETA is right, then wouldn’t a more reasonable solution be to allow Knut to mate with a non-relative? I wonder, though, whether PETA understands something about the science of this that I don’t.

  10. If they do mate will the off spring be the next Governor of a US state? Seems to be a fertile breeding ground.

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