International Hit and Run: Romanian Diplomat Flees Singapore After Triple Hit and Run

Romanian diplomat Dr. Silviu Ionescu fled Singapore after allegedly racking up three victims in two separate hit-and-run acidents on Dec. 15, 2009. He was seen fleeing from a black Audi belonging to the Romanian Embassy in Singapore. One of his victims, Tong Wai, 30, died on Christmas Day.

When questioned by police, Ionescu and his driver gave two different accounts. He said that the car was stolen and then discovered by him and his driver around 3 am. The driver said that the diplomat simply informed him of the theft later.

After fleeing, Dr Ionescu insisted that he was innocent but said that he could not return to Singapore due to “poor health” and that it is highly unlikely that he would be involved in the investigation.

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3 thoughts on “International Hit and Run: Romanian Diplomat Flees Singapore After Triple Hit and Run”

  1. Someone has started a Facebook movement “concerned citizen against hit & run driving” to get outraged netizens to leave down their comments and ask their friends worldwide to join the group in order to start a movement to pressure the Romanian govt to get its ex-diplomat to attend court to give his account of the tragedy.


    It gives you clear instruction on how to register your outrage on Facebook group website run by the Romanian government.

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  3. I suppose this gives new meaning to the term Singapore Sling.

    Wow, this is out of the article.

    “Since he was driving the embassy car for a private function, his actions therefore do not fall within the ambit of the diplomatic immunity. The Attorney-General Chambers has the powers to prosecute Dr Silviu and charge him in court.”
    I did not know that immunity was for a proprietary purpose only. This is news to me, I was aware it was an unequivocal immunity.
    “Even if Dr Silviu is protected by his diplomatic immunity, the Singapore authorities can apply for a waival directly to the Romanian government. They had more than one week to do so, but did not, the publication writes.”

    He is probably safely held away or at another embassy.

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