Top Cop: Officer Remains Calm in the Face of a Deranged Motorist

We have seen too many videos of officers tasering or arresting people who give the slightest objection to a command. This video shows that many officers display a patience and restraint that is not just commendable but almost superhuman. I give you our choice for Officer of the Week.

The thing is I like the most about this 2008 video is the officer’s goodbye at the end to this utter nut job. This is truly a top cop.

22 thoughts on “Top Cop: Officer Remains Calm in the Face of a Deranged Motorist”

  1. Captain_Redneck….I also know that Stephen Murray was NOT a top cop as well…he was a terrible husband, father, and cop. He would pull many women over and harass them then go home to his wife and children and act like a different man to his friends and family… He is a perfect example of a two faced creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stephen Murray is not a top cop! He was fired from the Maine State Police for sexually harassing a women from Lincoln back then. And you all can say I am full of crap but I know the women it happened too!

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