A Kiss Before a Flogging: Western Couple Arrested for Kissing in Public In Dubai

One must take care how you say Goodbye in Dubai. A British couple was spotted kissing in public in Dubai by an Emirati mother and quickly arrested. The British man named Ayman Najafi and female friend now face a month in jail for indecency.

This is actually the third such case of foreigners being arrested in Dubai for kissing or public indecency. The lawyer for the recent couple say that they did were not even kissing on the lips but merely gave a kissing greeting.

We have recently seen a steady stream of outrageous applications of Sharia law against women and foreigners in Dubai, here and here.

Dubai appears divided in both encouraging Western tourists while resisting their influence or values in society.

it is not clear whether an air kiss will trigger criminal prosecution — a matter that would likely call for a Sharia ruling.

Here is the current demo film on the range of kissing:

Fo rthe full story, click here.

14 thoughts on “A Kiss Before a Flogging: Western Couple Arrested for Kissing in Public In Dubai”

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  2. reasonable man sounds like a zionist or angelican with an underlying motive????

  3. I’m from Denmark, and I often go to Dubai for obvious reason, that they have more than any other country can offer, and extremely friendly and service minded people. Whats wrong with behaving decent for a change ? What happen to ” when in Rome do …… Advice: stay away if you can’t pass the test, and don’t burden the courts there with your ” liberal ” views and actions. Thank you.

  4. As much as I dislike the unenlightened, intolerant, repressive and out-of-date Islamic religion, this couple should have known the stakes going in. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. When you’re living in another country you follow their laws or be prepared to face the consequences. You can’t have it both ways. Look on the bright side though, at least they’re not going to be stoned to death!

  5. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a sensational headline or story!

    I’m all for highlighting wrongs and there are plenty of things about Dubai that I criticise. But the Dubai you describe simply doesn’t exist.

    “Public flogging, beheadings are perfectly moral family entertainment in Dubai”

    You obviously don’t know that Dubai is not in Saudi Arabia. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and it has no public floggings, no beheadings.

    As for your links, women in the UAE, Dubai included, are perfectly free to be out on their own, with men or women. They drive, they work, they are taxi drivers, they run companies, they’re in government, they are judges. Again you think the Gulf is all the one country of Saudi Arabia.

    You seem also to not know, or perhaps you’ve conveniently ignored the fact, that the woman who reported a waiter raped her later had to withdraw the accusation. CCTV proved that he had never been near her. She admitted she was so drunk she had no memory of the evening.

  6. “a lot of Westerners, Muslim or otherwise, have trouble realising that ’sorry’ goes a very long way when dealing with UAE laws!”

    Other Westerners will patronize anyplace for their own benefit, despite a lack of human rights. Laws like this anywhere in the world are aberration of tyrannical minds. It isn’t the religion, it is the need to control by some of the people behind who profess to preach it..

  7. “Public flogging, beheadings are perfectly moral family entertainment in Dubai, but kissing is an outrage.”

    Erm. No they’re not. Sharjah or Saudi maybe, not Dubai.

    About a year ago I was pulled over by Dubai police on the road running parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road between Mall of the Emirates and the back end of Emirates Hills. My gf who was visiting at the time lent over and kissed me on the cheek. Right in front of traffic police… I got chased down, pulled over, went through documents on the roadside – I apologised profusely, said I was new in town and it was a mistake, sorry officer; they let me on my way.

    I’m white, English and Anglican. I’m guessing poor Mr Najafi is a Muslim, in which case the decency laws are applied a lot more severely. Or he didn’t have the foresight to just apologise and accept he was in the wrong – a lot of Westerners, Muslim or otherwise, have trouble realising that ‘sorry’ goes a very long way when dealing with UAE laws!

  8. The couples mistake wasn’t kissing it was going to dubai. When you visit and spend money with companies that are based in dubai you encourage this type of tyrannical behavior.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go there, don’t work there, and encourage others to do the same…whenever possible avoid spending money in a way that will help their economy.

  9. The French are planning on sending a legal team to defend the couple. They claim it was merely a slip of the tongue.

  10. Damn, you mean I went to a High School that imposed Sharia Law? Om my God. So that is what it was. Thank Goodness I never got caught under the bleachers….no telling what they would have flogged.

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