Pope on a Rope: New Allegations Connect Pope To Abusive Priest in Bavaria

The Church abuse scandal has now touched Pope Benedict XVI directly with an allegation that he was directly involved in a decision to allow an abusive priest to continue pastoral duties — leading to additional crimes against children.

When the priest was found to have abused children, he was sent into therapy in Munich rather than reported to the police. He had forced an eleven-year-old boy to perform oral sex. If true, that would make him a child rapist but the Church officials covered up the crime. Not only did he continue to abuse children, but he remains a priest in Upper Bavaria. As the cardinal in the area, the Pope approved the plan. In 1986, the priest was convicted of child abuse and given an 18-month suspended jail sentence and fined DM 4,000 (£1,800 today).

The Church is facing an increase in such allegations in Europe, including 170 allegations of child abuse by German Catholic priests.

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  1. AY:

    Elaine is probably without power as I think she lives in MAss., they had huge floods. She is probably floating down the middle of the street in her nightgown.

  2. mespo, thanks for the link to the story of the Paracletes. It certainly squares with what I recall learning during those years.

  3. Mike S.,

    God Speed to recovery.

    Mespo, Mike A.

    All’s I can say is wow. So if someone abused my child, I think I would dispense with the legal system and allow Ruger or Smith and Wesson take care to teach the appropriate lessons.

    Hey has anyone seen Elaine M. or ECookie?

  4. Mike S.,
    I am a bit late, but good luck with your health issue. Do what the doctors tell you. Hang in there.
    Pope Benedict is dirty along with many US bishops and Cardinals who shuffled pedophile priests all over their respective dioceses and across the country to hide them from the law and save their own hides.

  5. Mike S:

    You’re too tough a bird to cook.Please accept my belated wishes for a full recovery.


    Mike Appleton:

    You have correctly identified a problem and a failed solution well known to the Church since the 1950’s. The founder of the Servants of the Paracletes, who administers to pedophiliac priests at its treatment center in New Mexico, warned the Church hierarchy in 1952 about the scandal that was brewing; it fell on deaf ears. Here’s a synopsis from the Kiesel, Boucher, Larson LLP law firm:


  6. Quote:

    “Queer has traditionally meant odd or unusual, though modern use often pertains to LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and non-normative heterosexual) people. Its usage is considered controversial and underwent substantial changes over the course of the 20th Century with some LGBT people re-claiming the term as a means of self-empowerment.

    The term is still considered by some to be offensive and derisive, and by others as a re-appropriated term used to describe a sexual orientation and/or gender identity or gender expression that does not conform to heteronormative society”

  7. One of the reasons the bishops protected these pedophile priests was to avoid the public lynchings. I was suspicious of that but after reading FFLEO’s comments I am not so sure.


    This from Mike A:

    “They were primarily Irish and Italian and traditional. Priests were regarded as the voice of God and their words were expected to be accepted without question”.

    Having grown up in an Italian-American Catholic family in NE Ohio and having attended 8 years of parochial school in the mid-late 1950’s, I can attest that Mike’s got it 100% right. Nothing like that kind of experience to make either a priest or an atheist out of you. I chose the later.

  9. Mike S

    All the best to you. The best medical care, the best in family/friends’ support and the best prognosis possible.

  10. Amon Re,

    I wish you would reconsider leaving the blog. Like many others here, I enjoy your input. Sometimes people say things in the heat of passion that they would not ordinarily say.

  11. Now look watt u dun dun. Yall ought 2 b a damned shamed of yourselves talkin like dat. Aint nun of ya got any damned sense.

  12. ffleo says “Furthermore, I can tell you that if any sick, queer, pedophilic, alcoholic Catholic priest ever touched a child of mine, he would experience a “rope-a-dope” thrashin’” no one said a thing…now if ya change it just a little and drop the queer and substitue nigger….what a storm that would have caused.

    Im done here at this site….I would expect this kind of language at some faux news supported blog..but here its just to much…

    I understand that this subject causes high tension and feelings and rightly so…but there is no excuse for such language outside of a bunch of ten year olds…

  13. Byron,

    I am glad you asked because we all immediately miss Mike’s comments and wonder where he is and seek his commentary. Like you, I just figured he was poolside soakin’ up the rays, sippin’ Pina Coladas, and a’sangin’ this tune,

  14. FFLEO:

    I just figured Mike would comment on religion, I did not read the thread. I also posted on another thread about a woman being fined for making copies when she was 14.

    But you are right.

  15. I’m with Former Federal LEO, if the pope is guilty of criminal actions then he should be in jail.


  16. Mike Spindell,

    Too bad Byron asked the question of your whereabouts within a thread such as this. We should start a Get Well Soon thread just for you, or at least find a more mellow topic within the Turleysphere to post under.

  17. Thank you one and all, your caring brings tears to my eyes and comforts me through a scary time.

  18. It was suggested that Mike did not want to deal with me, Bdaman anymore. This would suggest that Mike is a quitter. I doubt this to be the case.

    Mike what ever your facing, don’t quit!!!! your no quitter.

    Best of luck and that of faith.

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