A Dish Best Served Cold: Restaurant Apologizes For Sale of Whale Meat

The parent company for Hump Restaurant effectively pleaded guilty today in public with an apology for selling whale meat at the Los Angeles establishment. Not only is the apology itself less than redeeming for environmentalists, but it also effectively throws chef Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, 45, under the bus.

The company issued a statement that seems to suggest that they were just trying to supply a delicacy to customers: “We write to address the misdemeanor charge recently filed by the U.S. attorney . . .The charge against the restaurant is true: The Hump served whale meat to customers looking to eat what in Japan is widely served as a delicacy. In serving this meat, The Hump ignored its responsibilities to help save endangered whales from extinction and failed to support the world community in its uphill fight to protect all endangered species.”

The restaurant pledged to become “a good corporate citizen.” It is a bit too late for that. It would be astonishing if anyone who values the environment ever returns to this restaurant. They are now promising to comply with federal law as if that is a New Year’s resolution. Japan has been denounced for its hostility to the ban on whaling and efforts to circumvent those international obligations. This restaurant appears to hold the same view of the ban and went out of its way to serve whale meat.

What is fascinating is that the public apology basically seals the fate of the chef. What is notably missing is a promise to fire the chef and any employee who was aware of the violations. This omission suggests that the parent company was complicit in the violations. Witnesses reported that they saw the chef retrieve the whale meat from a car that pulled up at the restaurant. The parent company should pledge to reveal the supplier and more indictments should follow to shutdown the distribution network for whale meat.

For continuing customers of Hump, make no mistake about it: you are fostering the killing of whales by continuing to support this restaurant. For environmentalists, revenge like whale meat is a dish best served cold.

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5 thoughts on “A Dish Best Served Cold: Restaurant Apologizes For Sale of Whale Meat”

  1. Well, maybe all the did was offend some hippie´s..
    I´m just saying that from this report we have no idea whether the whale they sold was in any trouble. there are many species of whale that are not in any population trouble, and in such cases there is no need to be all bashful about it.
    and besides, whale is delicious 🙂

  2. What else would a restaurant named “The Hump” serve? (Well, maybe camel meat…) I’m racking my brain for non-whale, seafood meanings for the name of the restaurant, but I can’t think of any.

    Maybe they’re only open on Wednesdays?

  3. Weak. The company seems to be treating this as though they’ve done nothing worse than offend the sensibilities of some hippie environmentalists.

    Perhaps someone ought to sit down with them and explain what the CITES treaty is, and how they are in violation of it, and how violations of CITES, the Marine Mammal Act, and the Endangered Species act are fairly serious felonies.

    And yeah, they hung their chef out to dry. Can’t blame them, given what they’re facing. Sucks to be him, though.

  4. I think this was just exposed by the director of The Cove. He said he finally got the money to get proof and investigate after winning the Oscars.

  5. Oh my and what will the manufactures of cosmetics for health and beauty “aide” products do now? Or the lights for lamps in the far north or, or, or…..

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