Curbside Carrion: New Mexico Zoo Accused of Throwing Dead Giraffe in Trash Bin

The Rio Grande Zoo is accused of failing to separate its trash in a big way. Garbage collectors were a bit surprised to find a dismembered fully grown giraffe in a garbage bin. It turned out to be Kashka, a beloved animal from the zoo.

Kashka recently was euthanized after suffering a debilitating leg injury in a recent fall. The 16-year-old giraffe was 15 feet tall and weighed about 2,000 pounds. Under state law, the zoo was supposed to send the giraffe to the landfill for burial in a special area. Instead they appeared to look for a really really large hefty bag.

The mayor has called for an investigation.

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9 thoughts on “Curbside Carrion: New Mexico Zoo Accused of Throwing Dead Giraffe in Trash Bin”

  1. Anonymously Yours 1, March 24, 2010 at 8:07 am

    This is incredible. But what do you do with a dead giraffe?


    Because pets die at veterinary clinics with some regularity, all metropolitan areas have services that collect and dispose of the animal remains. (Hopefully legally – through incineration or appropriate landfill.) A whole giraffe would be a little challenging, but if they could chop it up to get it into the dumpster, they could have chopped it up, put it in a walk-in freezer and disposed of it with a few trips from the collection service.

    Every pet owner should ask for a full tour of their veterinarian’s clinic/facility, and while no vet clinic is perfectly spotless, it should be in decent shape. (As an architect who designs vet clinics, making vets uncomfortable about their old, run-down clinics makes work for me! That and clean, up-to-date facilities mean better treatment/health for your pets!) During your tour, you’ll probably see a chest freezer somewhere in the back, probably in the vicinity of the back door. That’s where “sleepy” pets are held until the service comes around to take them away.

  2. Wow.

    First, you take a magnificent animal from its natural environment for entertainment purposes. That’s just stupid, but there is the conservation argument.

    Second, you accord it all the respect in death that you would a wad of used paper towels. That’s just inhumane.

    Rio Grande Zoo, for your efforts as both humans and supposedly professional zoologists, you get . . . the finger.

    Have a day.

  3. I have not had Giraffe, but I under stand that it us a lot like Buffalo sirloin.

  4. They could have sold it to the restaurant Hump as land whale meat. Is Giraffe good with rice?

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