“I Wasn’t There”: Amy Bishop Denies Even Being Present For Shooting

Former Alabama Professor Amy Bishop appears to be working on the evil twin defense. Despite witness accounting describing her killed his former colleagues, Bishop has declared “I wasn’t there.”

Not surprisingly, Madison County District Judge Ruth Ann Hall ruled that there is probable cause that Bishop, 45, was there and committed the crimes.

Officer Charlie Gray quoted Bishop as repeating”I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me . . . Every time we asked her a question about the shooting she would say, ‘No way, no way. I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me.'”

This would appear to leave insanity as the only viable defense, which J. Barry Abston appears to be working on that angle.

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28 thoughts on ““I Wasn’t There”: Amy Bishop Denies Even Being Present For Shooting”

  1. Mike Appleton & Former Federal LEO,

    If you want to read the thread where it all took place see:

    “Fox Expert: Strip Search All Muslim Men Between The Ages of 18-28”
    (Jan 4, 2010)

    Judge for yourselves

  2. PractParamedic:

    I think most drink the kool aid about being superior to others who are not doctors. And most are good at memorizing but not necessarily thinking.

  3. Mike Appleton & Former Federal LEO,

    I defended her but to no avail … I miss her insights and her posts. She had (has) a wicked sense of humor!

  4. PatricParametic,

    I visited your website and I have a few suggestions.

    1) Please post some credentials in a section you might entitle “ABOUT”

    2) I question your standards of credibility when you do not append a person’s credentials after their names–in some cases. Appearances are that you are simply attempting to populate your site with “Doctors” regardless of the many disciplines bestow the term on persons who meet certain qualifications.

    Therefore, please append Ph.D. after Ms Bishop-Anderson’s name to be fair and honest (and Ph.D. after others who are not MDs, etc.)

    Your site has value and you should not try to cheapen it by non-disclosures of obvious factual material or misrepresentations of academic or professional credentials.

    Quote from a link via your screen name:

    “Doctor Amy Bishop Anderson”

    Thank you

  5. Mike A.,

    You are welcome. That was a great one liner this morning. On Ms. Bishops’ thread.

  6. FFLEO and AY, thanks for the information. There are periods when I’m unable to keep up on this site and I often don’t know what’s going on. I miss Jill. She could sometimes be over the top, like most of us, but her instincts were mostly true and her observations were mostly accurate. I’m sorry that she’s gone.

  7. Mike A.,

    If someone is to blame for Jill not being here, I will say that it was her choice. There were a number of comments that were made that were directed at Mike S., Buddha and few others calling them Sexist Pigs for a lack of a better word. I called her out on it and then she took offense at that as well. I believe that she contacted the professor and then she left on her own accord.

    If memory serves me correctly it was in early January of this year.

  8. As a physician misbehavior researcher, I can verify how common it is for those with doctorates in medicine to pull the “kid in the sandbox” defense – pointing at anybody but themselves.
    Although Amy Bishop did not treat patients, she trained physicians, and now joins the eye-popping 237,000 others who have achieved advanced medical degrees – and are listed in the National Practitioner Data Bank, as “Dangerous” or “Questionable.” It isn’t a small fraternity.

    Isn’t it interesting that 2 of the last 3 mass-shooting perpetrators were doctors?

    That the FBI states “Case Closed – the Anthrax Terrorist was a doctor?”

    That Earl Bradley in Delaware – possibly the worst child rapist in history – is a doctor?

    That 9 of the last 11 sexual predators convicted – with more than a dozen known victims – were doctors?

    That careless drug-using celebrities are dropping like flies – using pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors?

    That according to the U.S. Department of Justice annual report, 1/2 trillion dollars per year in taxpayer money is needed to combat physician-related crime & medical fraud?

    That in spite of 2,490 doctors found guilty of major crimes in the last 12 months, not ONE word of this was mentioned by legislators during the health care debate?

    Amy Bishop is but one symptom of the seriously sick patient called American Health Care. And this patient has never been very good at self-discipline. Neither ‘peer review’ nor hospital administration protocols for disruptive physicians, nor state medical boards, have performed their due diligence.

    How many professions have a specific legal term for acting like a chimp on chocolate in the workplace? Yet, did you or anyone else hear any discussion of ‘disruptive physicians’ in the congressional or media debates? I didn’t.

    Reform? Why not use just a tad of common sense, and focus on weeding out the lunatics.

  9. Mike Appleton,

    I do not want to post over there; however, in answer to your question in the Corrections section, several of the regulars ran Jill off…

    I have asked about Jill also and she was one of the best commenters this blawg had or will ever have.

  10. Amy Bishop was visible but not there? Sounds like a phenomenon Tootie would find interesting.

  11. “Ms. Bishop says she wasn’t there. I say she still isn’t.”

    Indeed, a truism written by a man who unequivocally understands the perfect legal defense in this specific case.

  12. This case is darkly fascinating. When she killed her brother years ago, she had some other odd excuse, and other bizarre incidents have been in her life. I wonder if maybe she is one of these “multiple personality” nut cases, and that Evil Amy materializes every so often to do the dirty work that Nice Amy can’t deal with …..
    OK, who will play Amy in the movie version? Maybe it can be a remake of “The Bad Seed.”

  13. “I believe that the whole human race is nuts (I’m not exaggerating, just look at history) and it’s just a matter of degree as to how much each of us are nutsos.”

    lol rofl ROFLOL

    Pardon me, but the irony of that coming from a theocrat – someone who believes in an invisible “man” that watches us and supposedly loves us and is all forgiving but will torture us for all eternity if we misbehave – is just hysterical.

    Who knew you could be funny, Tootles?

    Now I would suggest you turn the other cheek. Which cheek is your choice, but I will add that one is Christ-like behavior and the other is just asking for another spanking.

  14. She was denied tenure, so it may be that she’s “former” on that basis. Uusally, faculty have a year to look for ajob after a tenure denial. In her case, i think she got the denial last year and had been appealing it.

  15. The Zombie defense:

    “”But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
    How would I know, why should I care?
    Please don’t bother trying to find her
    She’s not there”

    Zombies “She’s Not There”

  16. Okay, here goes.

    I believe that the whole human race is nuts (I’m not exaggerating, just look at history) and it’s just a matter of degree as to how much each of us are nutsos.

    I also believe that we will soon be able to prove this is genetic, though we know that a good deal does come from environment.

    That said, there must be justice. Oh indeed! And the Bible provides all the wisdom we need regarding this issue since from the beginning God said the human race was a corrupt species (all have sinned/missed the mark) but is still capable of and ought to practice justice.

    This will be the position of science (and the law) once it catches up with God.

    Lord willing.

  17. Wow, this is incredible. I guess this is one of those cases that one will never know.

    I see this tag line says Former. Has she been fired yet, fully adjudicated in termination of her assignment?

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