Sour Milk: Bulgarian Official Fired For Milking Virtual Cow

This one may be a bit difficult to explain on your resume. A Bulgaria official was fired after he was spotted milking a virtual cow in a committee meeting. The official is a virtual farmer who was simply tending to his stock as part of FarmVille.

The internet game FarmVille has turned many an urban dweller into committed farmers, requiring them to attend to their livestock and mix their labor with the virtual soil.

Haven’t the Bulgarian ever heard of Multitasking?

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4 thoughts on “Sour Milk: Bulgarian Official Fired For Milking Virtual Cow”

  1. Do Electric Cows Dispense Digital Milk?

    Not many people know this was the working title of Phillip K. Dick’s immortal science fiction novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, or as Ridley Scott renamed it for film, Bladerunner.

    True story.

    bdaman – Since you had a problem with the earlier Rollin’ Cheeses joke, I’ll clarify up front that this too is humor.

  2. I guess he can go to work in California. Where they have Happy Cows…..I’d stay away from Wisconsin, they would just not understand…..

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