Things You Do Not Want Your Dog Bringing Home

I can take the occasional dead bird, but the police cruiser is a bit much for a dog to leave at my door step. This video from Chattanooga, Tennessee shows Winston, a pit bull mix, ripping the bumper off a police car. In all, Winston left four cars (including two police cruisers) with flat tires and a missing bumper.

Winston usually lives in a welding shop, which may be a useful source of durable chew toys.

Michael and Nancy Emerling, his owners, insisted he is a good doggie. The court ordered the release of Winston — a sharp contrast with a recent cat case (here).

Chattanooga City Judge Sherry Paty ordered charges of a dangerous animal dropped if Winston completes obedience school. That may be one class you might want to skip with your toy poodle.

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13 thoughts on “Things You Do Not Want Your Dog Bringing Home”

  1. I completely agree with Carlyle Moulton, it was nice to see the police showing some restraint in this case, I fully expected the story to explain how after the camera stopped rolling the police shot the dogs.

  2. I used to own and train dogs. Looking at the video, it’s apparent that Winston is not “mean” or “angry,” he’s playing. His tail is up, wagging – he’s playing tug-of-war. Unfortunately, he’s doing it with a police car.

    I am impressed with the police response, and that the judge made the decision he did. That said, this is on Winston’s owners. I’m quite sure he’s a “good dog,” but they are not good owners. Whenever you have a large, powerful dog, you need to train it to behave appropriately. Hopefully the obedience training will work on them as well.

  3. The police showed commendable restraint, they did not shoot or taser the dog.

  4. OK, I guess I’ve found a downside to dashcams. It’s obvious that one of the “backup” units here is doing nothing but using his cruiser as a camera platform, repositioning his car a few times to make sure the bumper-chewing stayed in-frame.

    Instead of doing something to protect the public safety, the officers treated this as an opportunity to try out for America’s Funniest Home Videos, dragging things out for maximum comedic effect.

    The video would have been much less funny if, while the cops were hamming it up for the camera, the dogs had decided to attack one of the many other passing cars or a pedestrian.

  5. Winston should get a job replacing those car crash dummies or with the agency that tests car bumpers. He singlehandedly demonstrated that car bumpers are nothing but plastic chew toys and about as effective during in a fender bender crash.

    Remember that old cigarette commercial, well this Winston has a new rendition.

    Winston tastes good like a bump, bump, bumper should…

  6. Seems like he was doing his job to me — guarding the shop.

    I don’t have a clue how an obedience class is going to help things. If the owner isn’t present, Winston’s not going to respond to some stranger telling him to “sit” or “stay,” even if the guy/gal has a badge. The police might want to call first next time, and Winston’s owner might want to put up a high fence given his tenacious nature.

    Good boy, Winston. Good boy.

  7. I’m not sure what I find funnier in this video….Winston destroying the bumper while it’s driving to and fro, or his buddies offering their encouragement while he does it. No need to ask who the Boss Dog is in that household!

  8. Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown meanest man in the whole damn town, meaner than an old Junkyard Dog…..

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