Vaya Con Dios, Rush: Congress Passes Fix in Health Care

The departure of Rush Limbaugh for Costa Rica is now imminent with the passage of the second health care legislation — the so-called fixes of the original bill. Limbaugh threatened earlier that if Congress dared to pass the legislation he would leave for Costa Rica, here. It was an offer that Congress could simply not pass up.

In his prior radio interview, Limbaugh stated to a listener: “I don’t know. I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”

Here are the flights this weekend from Florida near his beach home from Expedia:

12:00 pm Depart Miami (MIA)
Arrive San Jose (SJO) 4:55 pm Sat 27-Mar
Duration: 6hr 55mn
American Airlines American Airlines 2189

10:35 am Depart Miami (MIA)
Arrive San Jose (SJO) 4:55 pm Sat 27-Mar
Duration: 8hr 20mn
American Airlines American Airlines 993
Connect in Panama City (Tocumen Intl.)

3:10 pm Depart Miami (MIA)
Arrive San Jose (SJO) 4:00 pm Sat 27-Mar
Duration: 2hr 50mn
American Airlines American Airlines 1051
Nonstop flight

As a further assistance to speed his departure, here is all the Spanish he will need on his new Spanish radio program in San Jose, Costa Rica:

Tea bag – bolsita para hacer té

Socialism – socialismo

Conservative – conservador

Free Market – mercado libre

OxyContin – OxyContin

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  1. Health overhaul likely to strain doctor shortage

    By LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer Lauran Neergaard, Ap Medical Writer – Mon Mar 29, 3:18 am ET

    WASHINGTON – Better beat the crowd and find a doctor.

    Primary care physicians already are in short supply in parts of the country, and the landmark health overhaul that will bring them millions more newly insured patients in the next few years promises extra strain.

    The new law goes beyond offering coverage to the uninsured, with steps to improve the quality of care for the average person and help keep us well instead of today’s seek-care-after-you’re-sick culture. To benefit, you’ll need a regular health provider.

    Yet recently published reports predict a shortfall of roughly 40,000 primary care doctors over the next decade, a field losing out to the better pay, better hours and higher profile of many other specialties. Provisions in the new law aim to start reversing that tide, from bonus payments for certain physicians to expanded community health centers that will pick up some of the slack.

  2. Many, many times during the health care debate, President Obama promised the American people that if they have insurance and they are happy with it, then it would not change under the Democrats’ national health care proposal. “Under the plan, if you like your current health insurance, nothing changes, except your costs will go down by as much as $2,500 per year,”

  3. Bdaman,

    Yes, those insurance companies wouldn’t have raised rates if it wasn’t for the bill… Oh, wait. They were making 30-50% premium increases before the bill passed.

  4. Working for Uncle Sam comes with some great perks, like job stability, posh benefits packages, and in many cases, average salaries that are higher than what the same job pays in the private sector.
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah opts to sleep on a cot in his D.C. office.

    That’s why Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is irked that nearly 100,000 civilian federal employees owe the IRS $962 million in back taxes. He thinks they should pay up or be fired.

    Chaffetz has introduced a bill that calls for the federal government to “ferret out” civilian employees who have “seriously delinquent tax debt” and prevent the hiring of other tax delinquents.

    More than 3 percent of the 2.8 million federal civilian employees owed the Treasury unpaid federal income taxes in 2008, according to the IRS. If you include retirees and military service members, the numbers go from nearly 100,000 up to 276,000 current or former workers who owe $3 billion in taxes.

  5. Rush Limbaugh is moving to a country which in their constitution forbids a standing army.

    That’s fun.

  6. “And it proves the point the whole exercise had nothing to do with Americans’ health and more to do with the Marxist concept of “redistributing” wealth.

    It doesn’t redistribute wealth though. It makes healthcare available to those who currently don’t have access. And no one really cared about those people ’til their desperate disparity became a financial factor in an equation.

    Capitalism, if that is what we practiced, would never have allowed this to happen.

    Maybe now our grand leaders will grow some lower latitude appendages and address issues like tax evasion, asset hiding through offshoring, corporate creepiness and stuff that is the source of the widening economic gap…things that are more fascist and greedy and un-capitalistic.

    [I haven’t been to the links yet…lost my hard drive and had to reinstall EVERYTHING, blech]

  7. Better Late Than Never: Top Senate Dem Admits Un-American Health Bill Was to Address “Mal-Distribution of Income”
    by Kyle Olson

    Now Max Baucus tells us: the health care overhaul America was just forced to endure was the government’s attempt to fix the “mal-distribution of income.” It’s an admission that sadly comes after the bill has passed and been signed by President Obama. But it’s better late than never.

    Congress Economy Stimulus

    While the acknowledgment likely wouldn’t have stopped the legislation because chances are it was common knowledge behind closed doors, at least the admission has now become public. And it proves the point the whole exercise had nothing to do with Americans’ health and more to do with the Marxist concept of “redistributing” wealth.

    Baucus said:

    “Too often, much of late, the last couple three years, the mal-distribution of income in American is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind,” he said. “Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America.”

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