1. Obviously, the cat set the dog up. The cat wasn’t sleeping, he was playing dead. Smart cat, dumb owners.

  2. we won’t know for sure what happened untill the dog has been waterboarded.

  3. I saw a series of 7 videos of animals being tickled at Huffington Post today. There are videos of a kitten, a chimp, a toad and some others. The most intriguing one was watching a scientist tickling a rat. They used a special sound monitor to lower the high frequency of the rat’s LAUGHTER for human ears to pick up.

  4. cats and boxes, cats and boxes. i think every cat i have ever owned has had some kind of oddity with some kind of box. or bag. or sink. or … i sheesh, love cats =]

  5. Herra tick – if you like cute cat videos, you have probably seen Maru – who lives in Japan, I think. But just in case you haven’t…


  6. why so much compassion for dog?

    dog is GUILTY!

    I was dead.

    I have 9 lives….this just wasn’t life #9

    that’s all, you silly silly humans….

  7. Speaking of which . . . where has LottaKatz vanished? She hasn’t posted in a while.

  8. Cat’s thoughts upon waking and finding the dog gone.

    “Dead? Oh, no, not dead. Napping. (insert big cat stretch here) Silly thumb-wielder! Cats don’t play possum. What? The dog is gone? I think I should take more naps. Speaking of which, I’ll be right over here, taking a nap.”

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