1. Obviously, the cat set the dog up. The cat wasn’t sleeping, he was playing dead. Smart cat, dumb owners.

  2. I saw a series of 7 videos of animals being tickled at Huffington Post today. There are videos of a kitten, a chimp, a toad and some others. The most intriguing one was watching a scientist tickling a rat. They used a special sound monitor to lower the high frequency of the rat’s LAUGHTER for human ears to pick up.

  3. cats and boxes, cats and boxes. i think every cat i have ever owned has had some kind of oddity with some kind of box. or bag. or sink. or … i sheesh, love cats =]

  4. Herra tick – if you like cute cat videos, you have probably seen Maru – who lives in Japan, I think. But just in case you haven’t…


  5. why so much compassion for dog?

    dog is GUILTY!

    I was dead.

    I have 9 lives….this just wasn’t life #9

    that’s all, you silly silly humans….

  6. Speaking of which . . . where has LottaKatz vanished? She hasn’t posted in a while.

  7. Cat’s thoughts upon waking and finding the dog gone.

    “Dead? Oh, no, not dead. Napping. (insert big cat stretch here) Silly thumb-wielder! Cats don’t play possum. What? The dog is gone? I think I should take more naps. Speaking of which, I’ll be right over here, taking a nap.”

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