BOCh RVF 26062002 . . . And We Thought Moon Unit Was Over The Top

Moscow officials have refused a birth certificate to a six-year-old boy because of his name: BOCh RVF 26062002. Officials were ok with Simply a Hero and Viagra but BOCh RVF 26062002 was simply too much.

The name translates into a Russian acronym for Biological Human Object of the Voronin-Frolov Genus (DoB). I assume they just called him Bo for short.

Notably, Russian law does not actually give officials the right to turn down such names. However, officials have claimed the right to act in the best interest of the children.

The family actually sought relief from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, but were turned down.

If you recall, we previously followed the controversy in New Zealand where a judge ordered a name change for Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (here). However, Bus Shelter No. 16 was deemed to be perfectly valid.

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6 thoughts on “BOCh RVF 26062002 . . . And We Thought Moon Unit Was Over The Top”

  1. “Oh, yes… Little Bobby Tables…”

    Best hardcore computer geek kid-naming gag ever:

    (Explanation: The kid’s “name”, if entered into a slopily, lazily developed school computer database, would delete the listing of all the students.)

  2. It’s not any worse than Pilot Inspektor, Moxie Crimefighter, Blanket, or Tu Morrow.

  3. You know that sound you make when you tell someone what a “K” is supposed to sound like? That’s what they should call the child. 🙂

  4. AY brings an important point for you mad scientists out there: mind your temperatures. Never leave a clone incubator in direct sunlight or unattended. Make sure all feeding and oxygen lines are free from obstruction and flowing at nominal rates. Turn the clone should it start to strangle on any lines.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Remember, good lab procedure is step one in quality control.

  5. W seems more appropriate. Maybe he is the real first human cloning the dummy. After all his daddy was the head of the first successful counter intelligence agency charged with this capability….

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