Teachers Refuse to Rescue Boy in Tree and Then Call Police When Passing Mother Get Him Down

English are quickly replacing the Russians for mindless bureaucracy. Here is the latest. The teachers at Manor School in Melksham, Wiltshire found a child had climbed a 20 foot tree. However, health and school policy barred them from rescuing the child so, under the policy, they retreated to inside the school to observe. When Kim Barrett, 38, (a mother with a six-year-old child at a different school) passed by, she immediately rescued the child. The teachers then promptly called police to have her charged with trespass.

The child had been up in the tree for 45 minutes before being rescued. What is astonishing is that the policy requires withdrawal instead of, at a minimum, standing below the tree to speak with the children and possibly catch him if he falls.

The school insists that she “approached the school in an inappropriate way” and they asked her to leave the premise. She argued with them, noting that there was a boy up in a 20 foot tree. She had words with the teacher before taking it upon herself to rescue the boy.

The school also insisted “The safety of our pupils is our priority and we would like to make it clear that this child was being observed at all times during this very short incident.” They would have seen the entire fall and be able to call the hospital immediately.

Both the police and the school insist that it was Barrett who was in the wrong.

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31 thoughts on “Teachers Refuse to Rescue Boy in Tree and Then Call Police When Passing Mother Get Him Down”

  1. Charles.
    I have a few mates living in France – they love it! Certainly seem to be a bit more sensible over there.
    Problem with such a law in the UK at present would be that one could easily end up in trouble.
    I’m thinking of Teachers unable to put sun cream on kids or change a youngsters pants if they’ve had a “wee accident” because of very real fears of being accused of molestation.
    You see a kid at the seaside crying and lost. What do you do? Take them by the hand, reassure them and try to find a policeman? Put them on your shoulder and carry them around until they spot (or are spotted by) their parents? Think again, and think very carefully as many parents are so paranoid now that you would end up being accused of attempted abduction.
    Attitudes all reflected in this particular case.

  2. Since this happened in England it seems that some of those who logged in are from America, I think that might be why some of you are missing the issues related to this story.
    I now live in France and we have a law which says that as a member of society one must go to the aid of any person in trouble – this applies to a car break down, to some body falling down in the street, or reporting as quickly as possible a fire or whatever. You are not expected to put your own live in danger.
    A law of this nature is needed in Britain then this story would never have been news.

  3. And another thing. The lad was not “stuck” up the tree. He was refusing to come down. A bit different. He was being disobedient and should not only have been BROUGHT down (not “helped”) but should also have been punished, as would have happened when I was at school.
    Or am I just completely bloody stupid?

    That last bit is our “Famous English Sarcasm” by the way, so don’t all rush forward ot once 😉

  4. Sammy,

    If we could all be as level headed and smart as you, it would be a much better world.

  5. “I think the new Census form is a little far reaching”

    Talk about trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill. Asking Americans citizens to list name, address, race, number of people living in a household is a little far reaching?

    For the love of God, the Census form did not even ask for country of birth, or annual salary or any other personal information.

    Stop whining about every speck of dust.

  6. Tootie, again complaining about the fascist government… the government is there to keep the industries in check. How do you suggest we keep businesses from .. say.. hiring child labour, overfishing, illegally polluting, only covering the healthiest of people. What, the banks and CEO’s will regulate themselves?

    The government is there because it lets things work where the free market fails, there are PLENTY of examples? The military, the fire department, roads, schools and yes,.. healthcare. Government operates from a different perspective, with a different aim. I sure hope you agree we need some government, or it would just be corporatism… after that it’s just a matter of where to draw the line. It is not nuclear science, it is economics, the dismal science.

  7. “The school insists that she “approached the school in an inappropriate way” and they asked her to leave the premise. She argued with them, noting that there was a boy up in a 20 foot tree.”

    My God, it’s a Monty Python sketch come to life!

  8. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TeiSsJ3G_0&hl=en_US&fs=1&]

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