Stuck on Jesus: Filipinos Celebrate Good Friday With Crucifixions and Floggings

default2The annual Easter tradition of the Philippines has begun with devout Cahtolics nailing themselves to crosses and allowing themselves to be flogged as part of Good Friday.

This year more than 10,000 people gathered to watch the crucifixions.

For example, Ruben Enaje, a 49-year-old sign painter, asked to be crucified as a way of thanking god for surviving a fall.

My impression was that Jesus was not keen on the crucifixion itself and would seem the last person to appreciate others torturing themselves in his name. But that’s just me.

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7 thoughts on “Stuck on Jesus: Filipinos Celebrate Good Friday With Crucifixions and Floggings”

  1. You nail yourself to the cross the same way Muslin women stone themselves to death or Hindu women set themselves on fire.

  2. My brother went to divinity school (religious, not the useful fudge kind). His first Easter home from school he had some great new jokes:

    Hey fella, we’re short one nail, mind crossing your feet.

    $5 sez the skinny guy with the cross doesn’t make it up the hill.

    “John! Come to me!”
    John, fighting through the crowd “I am coming Master”
    “Quickly John!”
    John being knocked down & kicked by Centurions “I am coming Master!”
    Finally John manages to reach the foot of the cross “What is it Master?”
    “John, I can see your house from up here!”

  3. It’s that third nail that’s such a swine!

    I remember seeing reports of this on TV when I was a kid and am still lost for words.

    Still, at least they only flog themselves and not their teenage girls.

  4. “how do you nail yourself to a cross?”

    well, you could get involved with litigious sorts…

  5. pete:

    “how do you nail yourself to a cross?”



  6. I wanted to try this at least once. Oh well, it seem terminal… so I gave up that ideal…..

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