Chavez Cracks Down on Judges and Journalists

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez continues his steady move toward totalitarian rule with his crackdown on critics, the media, and now judges. After Judge María Lourdes Afiuni issued a ruling that Chávez did not like, Chavez attacked her on television and had her arrested and thrown into jail.

According to the New York Times article below, the judge was thrown into an overcrowded women’s prison and put into a cell near more than 20 inmates whom she had sentenced on charges from murder to drug smuggling.

Of course we have our own leaders who seek to investigate judges who rule against them, here.

Chavez spent this week establishing even closer ties with Russia’s Putin, here who is helping Chavez rapidly increase his military capabilities.

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6 thoughts on “Chavez Cracks Down on Judges and Journalists”

  1. Mr. Chavez certainly understands one of the important principles for establishment of a totalitarian state-elimination of judicial independence and the rule of law. He clearly studied some of the actions of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney in that regard. I expect that he may next “out” lawyers who have represented his political opponents.

  2. 1) Venezuela borders Columbia

    2) The United States and Colombia have signed a deal giving the US military access to seven Colombian military bases.

    3) One, perhaps two, Bush-sponsored coups against Chavez were repelled.

    4) The demonization of Chavez continues unabated, as here.

    Why WOULDN’T any sane leader seek outside assistance? It is only by our apparent, unbounded hypocrisy that we both force countries into a corner and then get upset about who is asked to help get us off their back.

    As I have mentioned here before, Chavez’z ONLY “crime” of interest to the US is his refusal to invite global oil companies to exploit Venezuela’s vast reserves.


    As per Chris Floyd
    “Until Americans drop their addiction to war — which is inextricably bound up with the widespread, bipartisan cult of exceptionalism — there will be no stability, no security, no peace, no prosperity for ordinary people, neither AT HOME or abroad.” (my emphasis)

  3. In Venezuela they point to the U.S. “Warrentless Wiretapping Program” which the Obama administration continues to defend, i.e. use, among other “DINGS” in our shining armor. We have ALLIES with worse Human Rights records.

    Is the U.S. lining up it’s next “opportunity” for Halliburton, Dynacorp, Xe and the rest of the boys to make a few extra bucks?

    The next “W” and the next needless war could be just a couple of elections away.

  4. Typical dictator too bad for the people of Venezuela but I guess they voted for him in a free and fair election. Majority rule and all that good stuff.

  5. Good for President Hugo Chavez, at least he is doing something about the issue, while in the U.S.A., journalists are still causing harm to victims of crimes by victimizing the victims of crimes.

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