Justice Stevens Declares That He Will Resign During Obama’s Term

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has stated that he “will surely” retire while President Barack Obama is still in office — leaving open only whether he will retire this year or wait later in Obama’s term.

The likelihood is that Stevens will announce his retirement soon. Waiting until next year could throw the nomination into doubt with the mid-term elections approaching. Obama may also feel less able to appoint a solid liberal as he approaches his second term. Obama was criticized by some liberals for his appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, who ruled with the conservatives on the Second Circuit on a number of important cases. Waiting until next year would decrease the chances of a strong liberal nomination and could imperil confirmation given Obama’s failing popularity in the polls and resurgent GOP campaigning.

Stevens was nominated to the court by Republican President Gerald R. Ford in 1975 and is the seventh-longest-serving justice with more than 34 years on the court. He is also the second oldest justice to sit on the Court — after Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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  1. He, she or it that is lurking behind BVM is also painfully ignorant.

    BVM wails “Is there an honest judge in the United States who will hear this case on the merits?? “

    Yes, BVM, there is a court that heard it on the merits.

    And you lost again.

    The Court of Appeals of Indiana, a State court not limited by the standing requirements of the U.S. Constitution, ruled that Obama is qualified despite the fact that his father was not a citizen. See Ankeny v. Governor of Indiana.

    The court concluded:

    “Based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. Just as a person “born within the British dominions [was] a natural-born British subject” at the time of the framing of the U.S. Constitution, so too were those “born in the allegiance of the United States [] natural-born citizens.”

    The court ruled that persons born within the borders are natural born citizens, regardless of the citizenship of the parents.

    The court ruled on the merits.


    Doesn’t he, she, or it that pulls the levers behind the curtain at BVMall ever get tired of being so painfully and obviously ignorant and wrong, again and again?

    The vast majority of those judges in the United States are honest.

    A lot more honest than the birthers.

  2. Ha!

    That is just like the legal arguments of Leo Donofrio, citizen lawyer and head-birther.

    He lost a motion in a case.

    So he accused the judge of “intentional fraud.”


    Here, an adverse case comes down, and the BVM whines about “corrupt judges.”


    BTW, there are 68 losing case so far, and no end in site of frivolous birther litigation, totally wasting the taxpayers money.

  3. Very often ‘frivolous’ and ‘lack of standing’ mean corrupt U.S. judges. Is there an honest judge in the United States who will hear this case on the merits?? Is there 1 honest judge in the United States??

  4. DC Bar Member John Hemenway is advising Lakin. Hemenway is listed as “emeritus”: or something on the website.

    Well, Hemenway put forth a frivolous argument in the District Court last year. The court said it was frivolous, and sanctioned him. Because of his age (@83), the court limited the sanction to a reprimand because it expected that he would not repeat the behavior.

    Hemenway appealed the sanction anyway He lost.

    Now he is starting the same nonsense all over again.

    Lakin has no case. Official documents attest to Obama’s birth in Hawaii. State officials have confirmed it. Independent reporters have confirmed it.

    Sure, Lakin would like to see Obama’s original birth records. But that is not going to fly in a court martial. The military courts are bound by the official records, just like state and federal courts.

    Maybe Lakin and Hemenway would like to see General Casey’s original birth records while they is at it. Maybe the Chief of Staff is not a citizen. Who knows?

    The answer will be the same.

    Hollister v, Soetoro



    Pretty soon the Lakin case will be added to Hemenway’s roster of frivolous legal cases.

  5. Developmental Counseling Form, filled out at Walter Reed, for Lakin, from Native and Natural Born Citizen site:


    (Lakin’s own site originally posted this document)

    Lakin was well advised to seek an attorney from the US Army Trial Defense Service, advice that he did not apparently receive from John Hemenway, the reprimanded DC lawyer who failed in his lawsuit Hollister v. Soetero and was sanctioned by the court.

    Lakin hasn’t a prayer. He is ignoring the chain of command, which started with the people, who elected slates to the Electoral College. The Electors met and sent ballots to Washington. AS REQUIRED EXPRESSLY IN WRITING BY THE CONSTITUTION, the ballots were opened and counted in Joint Session of Congress. There were no objections. Obama was elected and sworn in. Military persons have to salute and obey until his term ends or he is impeached.

    The judges and officers of all courts martial are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and Obama was duly elected and sworn in under that Constitution. Lakin may not like it, but that is the law. So buckle up, Lakin, it’s the law!

    Private citizens can say that they doubt Obama’s birth, but military folks have no choice in the matter as long as they have sworn to uphold the Constitution..

    And as they used to say in the Army, draftees can complain all they want, but you Regular Army guys, and this means YOU, Lakin, well you guys VOLUNTEEEEERED for this sh*t, so shut up and shape up.

    BOYC, Lakin.


    Officer questioning eligibility faces new threats from Army
    ‘You could be sentenced to dismissal, confinement’

    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders based on President Obama’s eligibility.

    The Army is threatening to dismiss and jail an active-duty lieutenant colonel who says he won’t obey military orders until he knows that President Obama is in the Oval Office as a constitutionally eligible president, according to his supporters.

    A statement given to WND today by Margaret Hemenway, who is acting as a spokeswoman for the case involving the American Patriot Foundation and Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, said Lakin is “undaunted” and has not changed his position.


  7. No problem Vince, it’s always helpful to remind people that some things are a bad idea – like tugging on Superman’s cape, trying to slip birther lies past you or messing with Duke when I’m around…

  8. Vince said:

    “I want to note that the above post is about Anthony R (Robert) “Andy” Martin, not the Anthony G. Martin Conservative Examiner whose video was posted. Please disregard

    Sorry about that.”

    Thank you for illustrating intellectual honesty, unfortunately I don’t think that BVM will understand the concept…

  9. Buena Vista Dude,

    You are a lying, lying, liar! The name I am posting under (‘Baldy’) is the name by which I am known to the faithful at Cameron Indoor Stadium on the campus of Duke University (home of the LEGITIMATE national champion Duke Blue Devils). Not only have I watched these patriotic young men play basketball in person, but I know for a fact that not only was each and every member of the team and the coaching staff born on US soil (in good Americaqn states – not outliers like Hawaii or Alaska) to citizen parents, but each and every one of them can trace their descent from one or more of the founding fathers. In addition, Coach K is the reincarnation of General Washington. How do you know this is true? Because I just told you in my capacity as a Cameron Crazie and Duke superfan, and when I am exerting that authority I am infallible. Where were you last year when the truly ineligible team usurped the national championship through deceitful foreign trickery from the Spartans of Michigan State University – another good American team. (Tom Izzo is so American that they tell folk stories about him and Paul Bunyan back in Iron Mountain where he grew up – who do you think introduced Paul to Babe, his blue ox?) Have you seen the shade of blue that the socio-communist fascists on the North Carolina basketball team wears? Carolina Blue (or puke blue as it is more commonly known) is not a color that any decent American would be caught dead wearing – unlike the wholesome Duke blue – a darker shade of blue like the one used in the American flag as befits true Americans. Stop spreading unsubstantiated, unsupported lies or I shall have to take you to task again.

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