Doing the Bunny Cop: Police Cease Use of Easter Bunny for Sting

The police department of South Glendale California has stopped their use of a man dressed in a bunny outfit to ticket drivers failing to yield to pedestrians. Glendale Police Officer Tom Broadway ended his performance as a street bunny after complaints from a city council member on the expense and necessity of the operation.

Under the operation, Broadway would stand as a bunny in the crosswalk and his colleagues would give citations to drivers who failed to yield. Since the municipal law refers to yielding to humans, it is not clear why the police added the inter-species ambiguity of a large rabbit.
They eventually dressed Broadway in shorts and a shirt. Ironically, the citations increased after the move from bunny to human. The bunny produced 27 failures to yield while the man produced 36.

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4 thoughts on “Doing the Bunny Cop: Police Cease Use of Easter Bunny for Sting”

  1. mespo,

    Enjoy the Break!

    So. Glendale PD,

    Are you all eating lead paint chips?

  2. If you notice my absence for a few days, I’ll be taking on the challenges of Spring Break with the entire clan. I’ll be regularly viewing the board on the Droid, and maybe chiming in as the dexterity of my fingers permits. And No, I will not be regularly wearing my “Harvey the Rabbit” suit.

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