Mom’s April Fool’s Joke Results in Son Being Arrested

Michael Kelly, 31, has an interesting defense to make to charges of felony speeding and other crimes in North Carolina: he was the victim of the world’s most stupid April Fool’s joke by his mother. Kelly took police on a 120 mile an hour crash after his mother told him that his 9-year-old son was missing. Now her son is looking at serious jail time. Ha, Ha, thump.

Kelly told officers that his mother was screaming and yelling about his missing son and he was desperate to go to her. While he was being booked, a deputy answered his cellphone. It was his mother and the Deputy asked if the boy had been found. The mother then admitted it was an April Fool’s joke.

Kelly has been charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a red light. Bond information is not currently available.

That seems like overkill on charges given his obvious (and understandable) panic at the news of his son.

As for the mother, she will always have April Fool’s Day but I expect she can forget about Mother’s Day.

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9 thoughts on “Mom’s April Fool’s Joke Results in Son Being Arrested”

  1. The perfect Mother’s Day gift – she shares the cell next to her son. Dumbass is too kind a word to describe this woman.

  2. Oh no she de-int. Girl you so crazy. Why you did dat.

    You’nt neva call da po leece. Get up, ta get up, to get get down 9-11 a joke in yo town. I pity da fool.

  3. Mom,
    That was a very stupid and cruel April Fools Joke. If you don’t know better, I am afraid of the brains or lack there of, that your son received from you! I am not sure that I would want my child to be taken care of watched by that grandmother.

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