Yemeni Child Bride Bleeds To Death

There is a new report of an outrage involving a child bride in the Middle East. A 12-year-old Yemeni bride Elham Mahdi Shuee has reportedly died after bleeding caused by sexual intercourse.

Elham died three days after her marriage to a man in his late 20s. She was admitted to the hospital with a
womb rupture. She was married as part of a swap marriage where, instead of paying a dowry, the husband’s family agreed to marry off a girl the same age to Elham’s brother.

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70 thoughts on “Yemeni Child Bride Bleeds To Death”

  1. Why is this so surprising? The man was just following my example. Actually, he showed some restraint. I married my favorite bride at 6 and consummated it at 9.

    I’m glad you guys keep talking about “other religions” though, it really makes me laugh and even though I’m telling you, you still won’t blame me, the one who proposed this great idea in the first place. The West is so easily confused, I find it wonderful.

  2. well. that little girl is the ‘Woe of THAT Man’s duh’ now.

  3. See what I mean Buddah; Bdaman doesnt not a clue that’s not why I called him a racist LOL FUNNY & SAD!

  4. I couldn’t get this story out of my head today. It didn’t make sense that a 12 year old could have a ruptured uterus from simple human intercourse.
    A friend reminded me that they practice infibulation in that part of the world.
    It would be interesting to know if that was the source of hemorrhage rather than her internal organs. That would certainly make sense of this story…

  5. Why thanks Marsha. I’ll feel free to laugh at bdaman all I like. I’ll laugh at you too while I’m at it. What can I say! I’ve got the giggles.


    It’s an old joke meant to draw attention to the way out there scenery. mespo and AY run a bus service that offers tea baggers and birthers bus tours of the solar system.

  6. “As always, you have lots of choices in your travel provider, so thank you for choosing the M/AY Bus Lines.””

    Does this bus go an elevated conversation by any chance?

  7. ” And for those that cannot get pleased by anyone or anything need to take a hands on approach. Maybe they can find some relief. “- AY

    Unfortunately, people with repressed sexual issues, whatever they may be, usually cannot get relief with the hands on approach either….not until the issues are dealt with.
    Case in point, 12 year old girls who are able to survive whatever acts were inflicted on this poor little girl will likely never enjoy one of life’s greates pleasures.

  8. And for those that cannot get pleased by anyone or anything need to take a hands on approach. Maybe they can find some relief.

  9. ” If men think about sex every 7 seconds, than the Smart thing for any woman to do get paid for supplying that demand to Get A Head. But make no mistake that doesnt mean they like it as much as you, as they may tell you especially now adays with all of these New and Improved battery operated toys. ” – Marsha Christ.


    FYI, women who don’t have ” man issues ” and are comfortable with their sexuality not only enjoy sex as much as a man but often more so.

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