Muslim Woman Strangled By Burkha in Australia

A young Muslim woman has become a tragic Islamic version of Isadora Duncan, the actress who was strangled by her own scarf in 1927. The young Muslim woman was strangled by her own burkha (or burqa) while driving a go-kart in Port Stephens in Australia.

The injuries to the 24-year-old woman were too severe and doctors could not revive her at the hospital.

The question is one of liability for Bob’s Farm, which offers rides of up to 15 minutes at a time. It would seem an obvious danger for people wearing loose garments. However, if the business barred burkhas it might be viewed as a form of discrimination.
Duncan was driving in an open-top car in Nice in 1927 when her scarf became entangled in one of the vehicle’s spoked wheels.

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3 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Strangled By Burkha in Australia”

  1. Nothing was lost.

    Except a woman’s life to a piece of religiously mandated clothing.

    Which value lost due to a lost value.

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