From Russia With Nyet Love: Russians Express Outrage After Family Returns Adopted Boy By Putting Him On Plane With Note

A Tennessee family is at the center of global controversy after Nancy Hansen of Shelbyville put a 7-year-old adopted boy on a plane back to Russia with a note saying that he had mental and emotional issues. The family says it was given the boy without being told that he had problems. There is a move to halt U.S. adoptions after a series of controversies leading to this latest case.

The letter with the boy read:

The letter read: “This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues. I was lied to and misled by the Russian Orphanage workers and director regarding his mental stability and other issues. … After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends, and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”

Nancy Hansen said that the boy told everyone that he intended to burn their house down and that the family feared for its safety due to violent statements and actions by the boy.

The problem is treating a boy like a defective product being returned to the factory.

In 2009, nearly 1,600 Russian children were adopted in the United States.

Artyom Savelyev, 7, was given a one-way ticket back to Moscow, though the family insists that it paid $200 for a guy to drive him to Russian Education and Science Ministry.

In Tennessee, authorities were investigating the adoptive mother, Torry Hansen, 33.

The U.S. ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle, joined the condemnations of the family, saying that he was “very angry that any family would act so callously toward a child that they had legally adopted.”

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13 thoughts on “From Russia With Nyet Love: Russians Express Outrage After Family Returns Adopted Boy By Putting Him On Plane With Note”

  1. This is why we should only buy American,
    but also adopt Americans only.

    Or maybe implement a “try before you adopt a foreigner” program. You can have the foreign kid for two weeks, adopt if you’d like or return it, no questions asked.

    And yes….I’m kidding

  2. Maggie Knowles 1, April 11, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    What would we be be saying if the child had burned down the house and killed the family?

    Yea, I saw that movie too.

    And I’m betting Ms Hansen did too, which is likely where she got the idea. I doubt the kid really drew that, at least I see no evidence of it in the story beyond Ms Hansen’s claims.

    Either way its a moot point. It still would not justify sticking a 7 year old boy on an plane to Moscow with handwritten note and a boot in the pants.

    Any reasonable adult responsible enough to adopt a child would need to be more responsible than that.

  3. Elena_

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    and I’m sure the child will be a very welcome addition for you.

    “We adopting a child from Korea, and it’s not free, you know!”

    well, that was my point, exactly 😉
    (including link)

  4. Woosty’s still a Cat .

    Before posting your comment do your homework!

    We adopting a child from Korea, and it’s not free, you know!

    Including all costs, the same in Russia.

    Went we go to Korea, we need to speak the language /that’s cost included/, accomadation /included/, all papers and etc /included/, fligh back for the child and two adults /included/, donatation to the orpanege /included/, and because we not finish yet with adoption, we expecting something more! happy expecting!!!

  5. I don’t know why they are upset, now they can sell him all over again.

  6. The Russians are dumping their sociopathic kids on unsuspecting and unprepared American parents. A pox on both of their houses.

  7. Hard one to call, but like was said what would be done if it was your biological child?

    Would they be happy of the parents punished the kid for bad behavior? Or sent him to a mental facility?

    Is there going to be a good outcome from a situation like this?

  8. Carol,

    I am aware of the laws. But if the child was a biological one. Would they have pulled a Susan Smith or did the novelty wear off?

  9. I am sorry for this child, what would they have done if it had been one of their own.

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