108 thoughts on “The Feline Gandhi”

  1. Byron–

    “So you are not into the comparative theological applications of the banana peanut butter creationist evolutionary dynamic? And are just saying that Elvis was an Epicurean?”

    It was Elvis who wasn’t into evolutionary/theological applications of peanut butter and bananas. I think he was just trying to reach a state of gustatory nirvana.

  2. AY,

    To the real purists the East Lansing El Azteco went downhill when it moved out of its basement location (read ‘hole’). I honestly don’t see much of a difference between the locations now. I do have a couple of quarts of their salsa in my freezer, though…

  3. Great choice. Down here we call them groodles. We have a spoodle which, in the US, I gather, is called a cockapoo. Cavoodles and labradoodles are also popular here.

  4. Yes and people as well. It is kinda like either you are Rich or poor, very little in between. I used to date a woman in college from there. Her dad was a professional card player. Well that was the cover at least. He was the Texas Rep for some unnamed Hotel in Vegas. He flew out 2 to 3 times a month for something. Not sure, never asked. That was about the time and maybe one of the reasons that I left Texas to go to Law School at Michigan.

  5. Swartzmore Mom,

    El Gallo Restaurant
    2910 S Congress Ave
    Austin TX 78704
    Primary: 512 444-2205
    Secondary Number: 512 444-6696

    It used to not be in the best part of town, but some of the best. Unless you go to Corpus, then…..

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