Mother: Yemeni Child Bride Bound and Raped By Husband Before Bleeding To Death

We recently saw another case of abuse of a child bride in the Middle East when Elham Assi, 13, bled to death in Yemen shortly after her arranged marriage. The girl’s mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, says that when the girl refused her husband, he tied her up and raped her.

Ahmed said her daughter “looked like she was butchered” after her 23-year-old husband had finished with her.

One-quarter of girls in Yemen marry before they are 15.

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5 thoughts on “Mother: Yemeni Child Bride Bound and Raped By Husband Before Bleeding To Death”

  1. Why is this so surprising? The man was just following my example. Actually, he showed some restraint. I married my favorite bride at 6 and consummated it at 9.

    I’m glad you guys keep talking about “other religions” though, it really makes me laugh and even though I’m telling you, you still won’t blame me, the one who proposed this great idea in the first place. The West is so easily confused, I find it wonderful.

  2. I look forward to the day when all the women will up and leave these countries and leave the men are to rape and kill each other out of sexual frustration. If human rights were as important to the U.S. as our perceived rights to other countries’ natural resources, we would be flying military transport planes in and out of these countries on a continual basis just to pick up women who wanted to get out.

  3. Religion = barbarism.

    See, the problem is, once you convince yourself you are in ANY way divine, be it spark of life or breath of gaad or a case of serious indigestion, this is where the trouble begins. Divine power will not be subjugated; it grants itself the authority to butcher anyone who gets in the way, period.

    As our host continually points out through these types of posts, anyone does indeed mean ANYONE.

    In this country, this asshole would be packed away for quite a while. I do not advocate replacing barbarism by force, but neither do I see any wisdom in pretending to be friends with countries that permit this.

    If this is the price of oil, well, I already gave up a car in 1996 I don’t know what else to do…

  4. Shush. You’ll give right-wingers another excuse for attacking and bombing Muslims.

  5. This is crazy. Another child bleeds to death after sex/rape call it what you want but, this is crazy.

    One-quarter of girls in Yemen marry before they are 15.

    Are you sure that you did not confuse Yemen with Arkansas? That’s right they have no age restriction on marriage, so long as a parent consents, regardless of age.

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