Video Shows Maryland Police Beating Student After Maryland-Duke Basketball Game

A new video appears to support brutality claims against three Prince George’s County police officers shown beating of a Maryland student after the Maryland-Duke basketball game.

Prosecutors are investigating the matter and this video is likely to be the central feature of any trial.

The video shows the student taunting and then talking to police. However, beyond being perhaps a bit obnoxious, the student does not appear to be doing anything warranting arrest let alone such a beating.

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  1. Buddy,

    I checked out your links and any evidence they provide for your argument is pretty pathetic. Assuming that the officer acted improperly (which might never be conclusively determined), you have no evidence that his actions were a result of military training rather than police training. In fact, from statements and comments by other police officers, it seems that the law enforcement community feels that he acted properly according to police procedure (which may be a problem – I would argue it is, but, if true, blows your argument out of the water).

  2. Buddy,

    Please provide a link for that information. In any case, a single incident (in which the officer in question may or may not have done anything improper) does not make a pattern.

  3. “In January 2000, he joined the U.S. Army. He married in June of that year, but his wife “had difficulties adjusting to the military life” and he was honorably discharged in November.

    The couple divorced in September 2001 and Verdoni returned from an Army base in Oklahoma to enroll in the criminal justice program at Manatee Community College.”

  4. Buddy,

    You still haven’t proven that the cop in the article you linked is a vet

  5. Sometimes their job involves killing babies, but not on purpose. This does not make them babykillers. It does make them unsuitable for police work here in the USA. They should be something else. Maybe assembly line work or be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Co. Plenty of other jobs out there that don’t involve taking pains to avoid creating situations where babies end up dead.

    When one of the soldiers finds out that they have shot two children with a missile (but didn’t manage to quite kill them) he says that the injuries to the children is the (now dead) parent’s fault for bringing them into the zone where a shooting has previously occurred. The other soldiers agree. At first, the soldiers on the ground are going to take the injured children to the US military medical facility for treatment, but then they decide that it will be okay to wait for an Iraqi ambulance to take the children to an Iraqi hospital. These attitudes about collateral damage, as calloused as they may seem (and they do seem calloused) are fine and dandy in Iraq. This is exactly how soldiers are supposed to think. They are terrible attitudes for a policeman in th US to have, and I don’t think that the attitudes in this paragraph can be or are unlearned (de-programmed, really) when the soldier redeploys as domestic police. The soldier should redeploy as a gear jammer or a bakerman instead.

  6. serious speculation and aspersion casting on the military guys!

    there are psych elements that can play out for those who have PTSD etc…but who knows what about those cops? I would feel comfortable saying they behave like mercenaries….regardless of legitimate military history.

    oh yeah…..and I didn’t like seeing horses dressed up like pork.

  7. Buddy:

    “because they realize that they are to aggressive and fearful to be a good policemen and want some more favorable rules of engagement.”

    just admit that you think our military is full of blood crazed baby killers and be done with it. Catharsis is good for the soul and you wont have to obfuscate.

  8. err, military out of the police. I want to be clear that I applaud the efforts of policeman who decide to join the military, especially when they decide to do so because they realize that they are to aggressive and fearful to be a good policemen and want some more favorable rules of engagement.

  9. No, just get police out of the military and we should be good to go.

  10. Buddy:

    I say lets just eliminate the ability of anyone but an EST trainer to become a cop and be done with it.

  11. So that is what you got to prove your point?

    This is onlt the first clear example of military training gone awry since we started this sub-discussion about popovets. Actually what reallt stinks of misplaced military tactics here is that this popovet’s department is covering for him. Automatically trying to make the case that he was within the “Rules Of Engagement.” That is fine in Iraq. It is evil to do in the USA.

  12. Don’t know if the Deputy was a veteran or not, but his story is pretty weak.
    Paper says there is a witness, but something is still funny about the story, and it wouldn’t be the first time papers have printed something and left out facts.

    And it looks like there is a lot left out of this story.

  13. So that is what you got to prove your point? Weak. You realize that millions of people have served in the military since 2001 and you can show me one instance of bad behavior, if what you say is true.

  14. Im not sure what an 11 mos is.

    He couldn’t have been in the first gulf war because he is 33. And even if he were a combat veteran 1 instance wouldn’t consitute a trend.

  15. Buddy,

    I notice that the deputy has been a member of the sheriff’s office since 2001, so he’s obviously not a combat veteran (unless he was in the 1st Gulf War…

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