Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (and Slimy): Chinese Brothers Unleash 500 Vipers on Foe

Note to self: do not feud with the Guo brothers. Guo Gongwei and Guo Gongtian were arrested in Guangzhou after releasing 500 short-tail pit vipers around the house of a man with whom they were feuding.

It appears that you can buy live vipers for food and medicine in China . . . or for really creepy retaliatory acts. I guess ordering pizzas delivered really late at night to his house was not an option. They went straight to the viper option.

The brothers were arrested on Monday and charged with endangering public security.

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4 thoughts on “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (and Slimy): Chinese Brothers Unleash 500 Vipers on Foe”

  1. No need for diapers after the attack of the killer vipers. New film from Hong Kong. Chinese Film Festival.

  2. “I’ll take a cheese burger, hold the viper. I’m on prescription viper at the moment and don’t want to overdose accidentally.” – Anonymous Chinese Diner

  3. It’s a common misconception that snakes are slimy. Many are glossy, which may appear wet at distance, but some – like the American rattlesnakes – have a matte finish. However, both glossy and matte are dry to the touch. Amphibians can be slimy but they are a valuable part of the ecosystem (a prime measure of water quality too) and should not be mistaken for the ethically slimy.

  4. How’d you like to be the person tasked with removing those 500 pit vipers from that house. Or was it 501 pit vipers?

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