Three Kentucky Teens Arrested For Allegedly Beating Lesbian High School Student and Trying to Throw Her Off a Cliff

In what could be a female version of the Matthew Shepard case, three high school girls from Kentucky are accused of beating a friend and trying to throw her off a cliff because she is a lesbian. Corinne Schwab and Ashley Sams, both 18, and an unnamed 17-year-old girl have been arrested in the case.

The girls have been friends for years, but that did not allegedly stop them from lying to the victim about taking her to a job interview and then trying to throw her off Flat Lick Falls. The victim was reportedly able to record the attack on her cellphone and escaped by grabbing a nearby stick. They girls then allegedly caught up with her and forced her back in the car. She was let go after promising not to tell anyone.

UPDATE: Police are not saying that they do not see evidence of a hate crime, here.

The teens reportedly insisted it was just a prank but state police believed otherwise and have charged Schwab and Sams with kidnapping and criminal attempt to commit murder.

The alleged attacked occurred on a National Day of Silence for those who are gay.

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  5. Does anyone still wonder if Lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning are bullied in schools?

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