Seattle Cartoonist Declares May 20th as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”

While a Saudi lawyer is suing in England over the Danish cartoon controversy (here), Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris has declared May 20th “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” Norris took the action after the shameful decision of Comedy Central to censor an episode of South Park after Muslims threatened to kill the creators of South Park for showing Mohammed in a bear suit.

Norris has asked other artists to submit drawings as part of Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (CACAH) on May 20th.

She will have difficulty finding a publisher. While newspapers have supported the cartoonists in the Danish case, you will notice that no images of Mohammed appear in the leading papers, including pictures of the cartoon in articles discussing the controversy. While racist or sexist cartoons are often reproduced in news articles on such controversies, there is a virtual ban on the printing of the cartoons and Yale University Press shocked many in the United States by ripping out pictures of the cartoons from a book on the controversy (here).

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49 thoughts on “Seattle Cartoonist Declares May 20th as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day””

  1. ECookie,


    It is generally a religious experience and I try to and confine myself.

  2. If I sit my Bare Naked Butt on a Copy Machine on May 20th, Does that count?

  3. Molly has made a brilliant point, not only about the (limits of the) First Amendment, but also about political correctness. The major tenents of being PC include: rabid fundamentalism (about their “cause”); ignorance about any other cause; censorship with threats, either covertly or overtly; and, using others to forward their movement in an aggressive manner. THE FUNDAMENTALISTS in this case are NOT the Muslims–they are merely the scapegoats! They are Americans, just like us.

    Instead, the FUNDAMENTALISTS are those groups who’ve USED innocents (like Molly Norris)to further their own political correctness. The fact that fanatics like Osama Bin Laden have terrorized our country has made ALL of us easy pickin’s for violence. This has given voice to other fanatics (Dan Savage, the ‘Ann Coulter’ of the Gay community, for eg.)who are just dying to make us believe that we live for the next b…w job! Some of us eschew crassness and would never want to see that “image” either.
    Let Molly Norris (and the rest of us), and ALL Americans live in peace now.
    Molly: Nil Illegitimus Carborundum! XoXo

  4. Molly,

    I don’t know if this will help but IMHO it’s FUN to smile and say:

    “I listen to The Killers!”
    “The Killers always win!”
    “I love The Killers!”
    “The Killers….they slay me!”

    Test it out, see if it makes you smile; wishing you the best!

  5. Hi Everybody,

    Not that it matters but for the record I’m with BIL and Mike A on this topic.

    IMHO it seems like the poster molly dolly5 on April 26 @2:38am was the ‘real’ cartoonist Molly Norris; if so welcome and you go girl!

    Hi Molly,

    Your idea was a great idea! I can understand why you didn’t want to be the ‘poster girl’ but you are not alone and hopefully not afraid for much longer…”This Too Shall Pass”

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