Video: Graduation Prayer Meltdown

What I particularly love about this meltdown graduation speech is the apology for the sin of “worshipping the intellectual mind.”

I am not sure what school this is? Does anyone have information on the graduating institution that is praying not to be captured by intellectualism?

I particularly love the nonchalant approach of the school official who continues with the program and mentions it would be nice for someone in the back to call an ambulance.

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  1. Thanks, Gyges. I guess God’s one hell of a designer. But then, how would these guys explain pomegranates?

  2. The border is a viral youtube, but is it real, and when did it happen? Who are the Canadians? How did they get their recording?

  3. Mike A,


    ’nuff said

  4. Suggestion box:

    Canadian couple going shopping in Niagara Falls imprisoned by US border security for improper deference.


  5. It’s clear that both the graduation speaker and Ms. Prejean have avoided falling into the trap of idolizing intellectualism.

  6. It seems if she needs to be saved from intellectualism she would not want to go to a hospital or see a doctor. Both those things are based on human understanding and knowledge i.e. intellectualism. Far better that the try pouring some Wesson on her, maybe laying on of hands & allow Gawd to decide her fate.

  7. I guess I got lucky – I was educated by Christians who emphasized one’s need to serve OTHERS at a sacrifice to one’s self. A big part of what bothers me about contemporary American evangelical protestant culture is that it’s so egotistical and self-centered. Watch that video again and listen to how much she’s talking about herself, “ME!”, “I!” She’s loving being in the spotlight. Someone above mentioned Ms. Prejan, who seems to fit right in with that approach. I’m sorry to mention a 3rd woman without bringing up any men, but clearly the former Governor of Alaska has a similar self-centered approach. Didn’t any of these Bible-thumpers read the part about the Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican? One goes to the temple and tells God how great it is that he is virtuous and follows the religious law. The other lurks in the back, begging for mercy for his sinfulness. The story is meant to chastise the self-promoting braggarts. Maybe those pages are stuck together in the Thumper’s Bibles?

    It must suck to be an administrator at an undistinguished college, and all the more so when this sort of silliness is clearly a regular occurrence.

  8. Funny, her reaction was the same as my reaction after hearing that speech. Who needs syrup of ipicac ?

  9. Here’s a video of one of God’s chosen spokespeople–a beauty queen who believes in “opposite marriage.”

    BTW, anyone know what Carrie Prejean is up to these days?

  10. My heart goes out to that young woman.

    Methinks, however, that she needs an exorcist more than a doctor. An exorcist might cleanse her of any intellectual demons that might be trying to take over her spirit and brain.

    Didn’t any school official check that speech before graduation day?

  11. From the YouTube comment section, the TX University might be the following (although this is *without* verification):

    “Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX”

    In addition, this appears to be the “Holy Spirit” overtaking this graduate–instead of a seizure, etc.–because the person who posted the video has this purpose describing their channel:


    “This channel is dedicated to documenting the love of Jesus Christ by looking at his devout followers. God bless our Christian brethren!”

    End Quote.

  12. Dog-gone-it, she passed out before she started speaking in tongues…

    The YouTube site states that this happened in Texas.

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