Pet of the Week: A Call for Bloggie Doggies (and Other Post-Worthy Pets)

Given the response over our new addition of Molly Turley, I have decided to create a new category for our bloggers to share pictures and stories of their pets. I will select one posting each Saturday.

Bloggers can email me pictures of their pets (including pictures with their pets) for posting. Submissions should include the following information and answers to the following questions:





Favorite food


1. What story or habit sums up your pet’s character or lack thereof?

2. What historical figure does your pet most resemble? (Outfits are permitted)

3. Why would your pet be a good choice for the Supreme Court and what judicial philosophy would he or she likely bring to rulings?

4. What public office would your pet be best suited to assume?

5. Which Supreme Court justice or leading politician would you feel most comfortable and least comfortable in using as a pet sitter for a weekend?

Each week’s winner will be authorized to buy a plain white tee-shirt and write on the front in marker: “Winner of The Turley Blog’s Pet of the Week.” Of course, our budget will not allow reimbursement but you can certainly demand discounts from local merchants.

31 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: A Call for Bloggie Doggies (and Other Post-Worthy Pets)”

  1. FFLEO

    Okay, I’ll give it as shot:

    😉 🙂

    I wonder if:


  2. Hey, look at Florida on the map. It’s America’s dork!

  3. Blouise,

    Okay, I won’t–but I aint…;)

    The way you make those smiley/winky emoticons is by typing

    ; ) without any space such as 😉


    : ) without any space, such as 🙂

  4. FFLEO,

    (chuckling softly) darlin, no one who is even close to being mad at you would use the term “dork”. “Dork” is almost a term of endearment … anyway, I can’t imagine any lady friend of yours ever getting upset with you.

    Now don’t go and spoil this magic moment by humbly insisting that you are not perfect! (if I knew how to put in one of those smiley faces, I’d put it here)

  5. I would like to suggest that Professor Turley have a guest poster on Free for All Day. Maybe someone from GW Law or some other notable person with an interesting opinion that is contrary to the general sentiment here. JT does run in those circles, you know. It might be fun to see how the other half thinks. I might even suggest Mrs. Turley who probably has some insights on Molly, JT, and the the blog that takes up so much of her husband’s time.

  6. Professor Turley–

    I hope you’ll also be posting regular updates on Molly Turley for us.

    In addition, I especially look forward to finding out the answers to the following questions:

    Why would Molly be a good choice for the Supreme Court and what judicial philosophy would she likely bring to rulings?

    What public office would Molly be best suited to assume?

    Which Supreme Court justice or leading politician would you feel most comfortable and least comfortable in using as a dog sitter for a weekend?

  7. Prof. Turley,

    It is a great idea; as is a potential Free For All day!

    Although maybe while working out the logistics of receiving, reviewing and posting reader submissions (which while a great idea, it might cause you a lot of additional work) you might consider just setting up a daily ‘Open Thread’ post.

    An ‘Open Thread’ that opens each day sometime past midnight might be FUN! It could be a great place for the night owls and early birds to hang out; and throughout each day who knows what kind of random chats and stuff may pop-up!

    Thank-you for maintaining such a swell cyber-salon. Cheers!

  8. Blouise,

    A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine called me a ‘dork’ in a little argument/spat we had. I honestly was not real sure what the term meant specifically, so I looked it up on the Internet. The first site I found with a quick search was a humorous one.

    The definition (paraphrased):

    If you took the time to look up the definition of Dork and you are reading this, then you ARE a Dork.

    I told my friend this, we both had a good laugh— at my expense, of course—then the spat was history…

  9. It’s a wonderful idea but all my pets have passed on to their well deserved rewards … my daughter has a much loved dog she insists on calling my grandson … but, sad to say, he’s kind of a dork … at one point in time my home was a zoo … 2 house rabbits who loved to sit on the couch with me and watch T.V., three cats all named for different liquors (1 cat could turn on water spigots and whenever anyone, guests included, used the bathroom, she would follow them in, hop in the tub and turn on the water), 2 dogs, 1 parakeet, 2 gerbils, a tank of tropical fish, and a beta in his own little tank, a turtle, and a pony. I spent an arm and a leg on pet food and one whole day was set aside for cage, tank, stable, and litter box cleaning. The children grew up and moved out and 1 by 1 the pets died leaving me with a literal empty nest.

    All I have now is a dorky canine grandson ………

  10. Woosty–

    Jack and Rudy get along really well. It’s heartwarming to see how much a big Lab and a small cat can love each other so much. Rudy sometimes takes on Jack’s “bad boy” personality. One day last summer, Rudy got up on the windowsill above the kitchen sink in my daughter’s house, pushed out the screen, and jumped out the window. Jack loves eating underwear, shoes, beverage coasters…almost anything.

    1. Thanks, Rafflaw. I am also considering the logistics of a Free For All day (probably Saturday or Sunday) where people can post their own stories, particularly interesting cases. One possibility is that people can send me the posts on Friday night and I will post the top three or four with the authors name. We had an expression of interest in such an idea when we were discussing an overhaul of the site (which has been delayed due to litigation).

  11. FF Leo–

    Thanks for the musical trip into the past.

    Here’s a video of Patti Page singing that hit tune from the fifties:

  12. I only have the wildlife around my remote homestead…

    Nal, your comment reminded my of this 1950s Hit.

    “I don’t want a bowl of little fishes, he can’t take a goldfish for a walk”

  13. I don’t even have a goldfish.

    And please, no pics taken with a cell phone. They look horrible.

  14. Here’s a link to a posting at my children’s literature blog Wild Rose Reader. The post includes two pictures of my daughter’s Yellow Lab Jack covered in mud. I wrote a special kind of poem called a triolet to tell about the incident of how Jack got himself covered in mud. It’s entitled “Dirty Dog.”

    Jack is just a tad rambunctious. When I ask how he’s doing–my daughter always answers: “He’s out of control.” And she loves him that way! He’s soooooo funny.

  15. you should charge 20 bucks for the bragging rights and donate the proceeds to the local animal shelter.

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