Rush to Judgment: Limbaugh Suggests Gulf Spill May Have Been Caused By “Envionmental Wackos”

As the government deals with what may prove the worst oil disaster in the history of the country in the Gulf of Mexico, oceanographer and chemical engineer Rush Limbaugh has gone public with his theory that “enviornmental wackos” may be responsible and that pouring oil into the ocean is something that the ocean can handle naturally with intervention by the government. He also insisted that oil spills are natural and should not cause undo concern.

Limbaugh noted “The carbon tax bill, cap and trade, that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day” and “hardcore environmentalist wackos” were looking for ways to oppose Obama’s plans for more nuclear power and offshore drilling: “What better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I’m just, I’m just noting the timing here.” So here is a glimpse into the mind of Rush Limbaugh: environmentalists fear an oil spill on the coast so, to avoid such spills, they blow up a rig to cause a spill on the coast.

Limbaugh also encouraged the public to stop fearing oil spills and learn to embrace them as natural as the ocean water they pollute: “The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

Presumably, Limbaugh made these statements from Costa Rica where he promised to go if the health care bill was passed, here.

In the meantime, Bill Kristol told Fox News that the problem is that we are not drilling close enough to shore, here.

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153 thoughts on “Rush to Judgment: Limbaugh Suggests Gulf Spill May Have Been Caused By “Envionmental Wackos””

  1. The Lord knows I love Rush, but he is mistaken. We all know that really, God is smiting the gulf for allowing homosexuals and illegal aliens!

  2. John Stuart Mill once said that: “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”

    What’s really ironic about this new breed of Fox News/Clear Channel conservative is that they’re not at all conservative in the Barry Goldwater sense of the term. They’re military adventurists, deficit spenders, enviromental despoilers, and religous zealots.

    Their hypocrisy is boundless and their stupidity is legion. They rail mindlessly about welfare but can’t grasp that historically these so-called entitlements (like food stamps & SSI) aren’t gifted whimsically by bleeding hearts but begrudgingly granted as “riot insurance” for the ruling class.

    They’re organically incapable of understanding that the real welfare problem is corporate welfare which is inextricably integral to this peculiar social arrangement which they imagine, very jingoistically, is the pinnacle of human achievement.

    By contrast the Libertarian fantasy of free markets is a myth that Edith Hamilton should have written about. Markets aren’t free & never have been. Markets are for artificially manipulating commodity prices. America’s economic prowess has always come by way of protectionism and public subsidies of private corporations, not to mention imperialist turpitude.

    Free market ideology has always been what Uncle Sam preaches for others, not what he himself practices. Hogs, milk, grain, oil, virtually all major industries are publically subsidized to the hilt in one form or another and the social costs are enormous, hidden in every facet of daily life. Just like with the previous S&L disaster, this latest credit default swap disaster, the Afghanistan disaster, and this BP oil disaster, the secret of contemporary capitalism is that the profits are privatized while the losses are socialized.

    The fact that this built-in to the system corporate welfare is so cleverly obscured by the commercial press on behalf of the approximately 2% that own about 80% of the wealth in this country is so great and unprecedented a propaganda victory for this parasitic minority that even Goebbels himself would be enormously proud.

    (As an aside he’d be especially proud of this “Support Our Troops” mantra that everybody feels compelled to bow to since it implies WHATEVER they do they must be supported without question.)

  3. I’m like, you know, Rush like just knows stuff and is a really large celebrity. So, like, just give ‘im a chance to like, say stuff. ‘Cause maybe you don’t know but his show saved my life one time… er it was Jon Stuart, I guess.

  4. Bdaman:

    Yes that is the sad part, is the hay proper hay and probably some environmentalist will bitch about seeds. however I think they said you can cut the hay before it goes to seed.

    It will be 10 years before they can use it. Although maybe if they ram it through it will only take 7.5 years.

  5. As as simple an idea it is, it will never work. It needs approval of the EPA and it needs to be regulated. 🙂

  6. Bdaman:

    that is very interesting video, did you notice that the one guy said he hoped to make some money? Also he wanted to burn it for energy. He could sell the oil soaked hay to a power plant.

    He isnt only doing this for the environment. Leave it to a couple of guys looking to make some money to solve a problem.

    Obviously they would need to test this in the Gulf with the unrefined oil but it certainly looks promising and cheap.

  7. Two good ol’ boys were hired to help clean up the Gulf spill around the 26 mile stretch of beach surrounding Walton County, Florida, including Sandestin. The video of their “hay technique” has over 200,000 views so far.
    Check out how their hay method works to trap oil on the water in the above video.

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