Video Shows Ohio Officer Shooting Unarmed Motor Cyclist

The trial of Ottawa Hills, Ohio Officer Thomas White has begun with a startling videotape of his shooting biker Michael McCloskey. White had followed McCloskey and his friends as they raced on their Harley Davidsons.

White appears to shoot McCloskey who has stopped and does not make any threatening move. While White insists that he believed McCloskey was armed, no such weapon was found.

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32 thoughts on “Video Shows Ohio Officer Shooting Unarmed Motor Cyclist”

  1. I know an inexplicable number of nice, generally smart people who grew up in Ohio and have fled to Chicago. I don’t know that Ohio is the North’s answer to South Carolina, but there seems to be something weird going on there.

    I wonder if the shooting victim will have some “mark” in his record that will give the jury an excuse to let the shooter off? You know, something along the lines of “Well, this guy was caught shoplifting when he was 19! See, he’s obviously a dangerous criminal, so the officer was justified in shooting him!”

    The first thing I noticed watching the video was that while the bikers made some effort to semi-stop at the stop signs, the cop totally rolled through those stops. The other thing that struck me was the point at which the officer totally switched modes – he just shot this guy because he was sooooo dangerous, but in an instant, he holsters his gun and casually walks over next to the very dangerous suspect. How does that work?

  2. To the person who said it is impossible to lift a heavy bike on your own, people do it all the time. There is a certain technique you have to use, and there are numerous videos on the Internet of petite women lifting up big Harleys.

    This is the area where I live and I have no doubt at all the cop will be exonerated completely. It is routine for the cops to kill/maim and for them to get off on it. People are here hate anyone who isn’t an ultraconservative WASP. Violence by the police upon bikers, minorities, etc…. people don’t care about those groups around here. They support the police blindly. It is really sad.

    I often wonder why the legal system fails so hard when it comes to prosecuting cops for wrongdoing, but I guess it is difficult to prosecute someone who works for an organization you need on your side (but I am a layman so that is just an assumption).

  3. McCloskey obviously didn’t know something that Officer White did – it’s illegal to take a peaceful, night-time bike ride in Ottawa Hills, OH.

    I can only hope White gets the maximum, to be not spent in protective custody, but with the general prison population.

  4. I have a $5.00 bet with a co-worker that the cop is found justified in shooting him in the back. Due to the cops fear of the aggressive biker, because the bikers arm stayed attached to his shoulder as he turned to look at the officer.

  5. Ottawa Hills is very wealthy residential suburb of Toledo, that’s not far from some semi-rough neighborhoods 9to the South), U of Toldeo (on the East) and busy shopping districts (North); Central Avenue is a major Toledo thorougfare–the community probably whines if reality from adjacent areas (crime, noisy kids, traffic) intrudes which may be why the cop acted so stupidly. Somebody on a Harley falling over is probably not going to be a crack shot even if they are carrying a gun—my brother owned Harleys, they’re heavy, unstable bikes. Unfortunately, they still have a “biker” rep, although they are too expensive to justify this. This isn’t about “Ohio” (I’m a native Ohioan and am sitting in a smug liberal suburb of DC that often fails to live up to its liberalism). It’s about a cop in a rich suburb doing something really stupid. State trooper and urban cop stories aside, some of the least capable people wind up on suburban police forces, because they think it’s “easy”. The guy stopped after his buddy did something dumb, that should have been a sign of good judgment. The bikers (es[. the other one) were breaking the law, but McCloskey appears to have done the right thing and got shot for it. The city needs to pay as well as figure out how to get some decent cops.

  6. It’s impossible to pull a heavy bike up unassisted. That’s no excuse, as there was another officer there to at least help get the leg free. As for shooting somebody who’s made no aggressive or uncooperative move will cost the municipality and its insurers. Usually, the prosecutor will find this whole shooting justifiable. Such is the system.

  7. hahahahahahha Mespo…..Dam You!

    Now I’mgonna feel guilty all day for getting a laugh out of that situation….
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  8. On the serious side, this looks in no way justified.

    White needs to loose his badge and go to jail.

    I agree with W=c. That looked predatory. And if not, this is clearly not someone with the composure for the job.

  9. humane,

    sorry, snickering too hard to hit that “e”

  10. “What’s wrong with Ohio?” Oh, someone should write a book.

  11. AY

    And just what’s wrong with Ohio, if you please? Just because we’re a swing state…

  12. My guess is that he is a military veteran and the military taught him to ALWAYS fear for his life, so he subjectively and in good faith feared for his life and shot.

    I would further speculate that the military training is what motivated Officer White to refuse to pull the motorcycle off of McCloskey’s leg to stop the severe burning of the leg by the exhaust pipe which was occurring. White regarded McCloskey as the enemy and less than human.

  13. Spamheed:

    I suspect McCloskey was part of an advance team of alien bikers trying to conquer the planet by riding swiftly in the night air and stirring up the cosmic winds which would in turn slow Earth’s rotation. This would have resulted in mass destruction and softened up the planet for invasion. So you see, officer White, uniquely perceiving this threat, acted quite properly in using his sidearm to save himself and the rest of us from impending doom. His sterling credentials and exemplary service record being a manifest fact as in all cases. His only flaw was leaving the other alien biker to the tender mercies of his less than aware fellow officer.

    That said, my verdict: Hang ’em high.

  14. predatory

    and to add injury to injury don’t ignore the callous disregard;

    ‘McCloskey paralyzed from the waist down. The biker suffered severe burns from the motorcycle which fell on top of him after he was shot. A civil suit filed against the village of Ottawa Hills by McCloskey claims that he could lose his leg as a result of those burns, which happened when officers refused to remove the bike from on top of him. ‘

    people who harbour as much fear as this cop obviously did should find different avenues of employment

  15. And here was me thinking that texting drivers were a menace to motorcyclists.

  16. Not trying to pre-empt the outcome of this in any way, but…….

    No doubt the claim that McCloskey might have been armed, could have been planning something, looked like he was showing an aggressive manner, or placed the officer in a position of fear (from Carbon Monoxide poisoning presumably) will be sufficient to exhonerate this officer who no doubt has a glowing career prior to this latest episode

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