The Soprano Defense: Mafia Boss Released Early Due to Depression

Mafia boss Salvatore “Vito” Vitale has been released early from prison in Italy due to depression. It appears that Vitale has found jail emotionally hard — more so than his role in murdering a 13-year-old boy and then dissolving him in acid before his incarceration.

Vitale was convicted for his role in kidhapping Giuseppe Di Matteo (left) to silence his mobster-turned-informant father. They held the boy for two years, but when his father continued to talk to authorities, they strangled the boy and Vitale supplied the acid to destroy his body.

The court accepted that Vitale’s depression and diabetes warranted compassionate release. That is curious since depression is treatable as is diabetes.

Of course, good ole American mobsters like Tony Soprano know how to deal with their depression.

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2 thoughts on “The Soprano Defense: Mafia Boss Released Early Due to Depression”

  1. old saying “every man has his price” sounds like mr. vitale found the right person and the right price

  2. “He is now back at home in Palermo, Sicily, after magistrates ruled he should be released on compassionate grounds.”

    Whew I was beginning to think it was Chicago style Justice. Where only the best Judge can be bought. Brings to mind the following: He whose attorney knows the law has a good attorney. He whose Attorney knows the Judge has the Best…..

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