8 thoughts on “Kung Fu Bear”

  1. The Bad News (is) Bears can be trained to do most anything. I have been watching this for some time now.

    The following is an amazing human feat.

  2. I don’t know. Stel’s footage looks better. There are no artifacts bothering my eyes in that footage. Resolution aside, I still think the first footage has been time altered, compressed a little. Could be real. I have a real hard time thinking that a bear would wait for a spinning stick to come back down to finish his “kata”, but stranger things have happened. It’s a peculiar behavior. I’d like to hear what an expert on captive ursine behavior says about it.

  3. Interestingly, the echoing sound of the stick hitting the ground is perfectly on cue. A dull, echo-like sound is a common occurrence within zoological cage ‘amphitheater’ setting like this.

    Excellent editing job?

  4. “The man who shot this video at at Japanese Zoo insists that this is the original and was altered in every way possible”

    That wasn’t hard to do..

  5. Are you sure it edited Buddha? I don’t know enough about this type of stuff.

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