California Man Convicted After Voodoo Curse Inexplicably Fails in Fraud Case

Ruben Hernandez, 34, was convicted this week of fraud in a house buying scheme but not before he tried some extra-judicial remedies of his own. Hernandez was found to have performed a voodoo ritual to place a hex on the prosecutors. They survived and Hernandez was convicted.

A search of his home revealed a shrine with voodoo dolls dunked headfirst in cups of water with pins in their eyes. The case number and names of the prosecutor and investigators were reportedly written on the dolls. It is a ritual performed by followers of Palo Mayombe, a religion that is popular among drug dealers and is known for its animal sacrifices.

Hernandez was convicted of four counts of filing a false application and three counts of grand theft. Judge Lance Ito (yes of OJ Simpson fame) sentenced Hernandez to 12 years in prison but he still faces an additional 28 counts, including charges of grand theft and filing a false application, for allegedly engaging in fraud at his used-car dealership.

That is a lot of wax for the next round and prosecutors may want to brush up on their Cole Porter:

Why, when you appear,
something happens to me
and the strangest feeling
goes through me?
You do something to me,
something that simply mystifies me.
Tell me, why should it be
you have the power to hypnotize me?
Let me live ‘neath your spell,
Do do that voodoo
that you do so well.

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5 thoughts on “California Man Convicted After Voodoo Curse Inexplicably Fails in Fraud Case”

  1. Keating still served a few years and got a few righteous convictions when all was said and done. So keep sticking needles into those dolls’ eyes is my advice.

  2. Did Ito cry when the verdict was returned or just during sentencing.

    Not to worry drugsters … he’ll probably be overturned as he was in the Charles H. Keating Jr.’s trial (savings and loan scandal)

  3. I’m with AY. The voodoo that’s most impressive is that nitwit Ito has a conviction in his court.

  4. Ito actually had a conviction in his court? Come on, was this guy a sitting duck?

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