Virginia Man Kills Kitten For Turning Off Computer Game

Bruce Walston, 21, was playing a video game when his girlfriend, Bessie Hess’s kitten stepped on the computer cord and shut off the game. Walston allegedly proceeded to kill the kitten by throwing it against a wall in their apartment. He killed the kitten in front of Hess’s children.

The charges for such acts against animals remain surprisingly low.
He is charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty and disorderly conduct. That is a bit low for a guy who killed a defenseless animal in front of children.

Kitten killers appear much in the news of late, here and here and here.

For the story, click here.

Kudos: Smoking Gun.

14 thoughts on “Virginia Man Kills Kitten For Turning Off Computer Game”

  1. vlf2112,

    In another video the same kid is pissed off at his brother for posting it on the internet. All of the kids at school saw it so Im sure hes had his share of ridicule for sticking the remote in his ass.

    Ive seen all of those videos with that kid. Hes got some serious issues.

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  3. And I suppose this is the first indication Ms. Hess had that there was something wrong with her boyfriend.

    Perhaps she wasn’t around earlier when he assaulted someone with a vacuum cleaner.

  4. Personally, repeatedly throwing this clown into a wall is too kind. I say, strip him nekked, wipe him down in tuna fish, and lock him in a cage with 100 angry and hungry feral kittens. Payback’s quite the bitch …


    I wonder if that kids mother would have renewed his Warcraft account just so he’d get the remote out of his ass?

  5. “This guy needs to be thrown into a wall repeatedly.
    Not until dead.
    Just until he begs for forgiveness.”

    And a few more times, just for emphasis.

  6. This guy needs to be thrown into a wall repeatedly.

    Not until dead.

    Just until he begs for forgiveness.

  7. “A Staunton, Va., man is facing charges of killing a kitten over his video game. The tiny feline apparently disconnected the game while the man was playing, sending him into a violent rage, according to”

    This guy needs help.

  8. @Mary QUOTE “If he would kill a baby animal like that, he is capable of anything.”


  9. This guy should be put put in jail and should not see the light of day for a long time and he should not be allowed to be near those children, period.

  10. VA is really a very backward state legally speaking. I didn’t follow the Michael Vicks [?] story cuz I couldn’t stand to watch it, but when you think of what he did, he only got a slap on the wrist. Man is obviously a psychopath and shouldn’t be near children.

  11. I’m aghast at the insufficient response of the criminal system. I would think this would also be referred to an agency for child abuse. That is definitely a form of abuse to inflict on the children. I would hope the children and their mother would be protected with a restraining order from this dangerous man.

    Anyone who kills a a loved one’s pet — that’s a red flag for domestic violence, if it has not already occurred.

    If he would kill a baby animal like that, he is capable of anything.

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