Palin: Oil Spill is the Fault of Environmentalists

On the heels of Rush Limbaugh suggesting actual sabotage by environmentalists, Sarah Palin is joining the cause in blaming environmentalists for the oil spill by British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico.

Palin blamed “misguided radicalism” of environmentalists (as opposed presumably to “guided radicalism” of conservatives) for the disaster. She suggested that, if only these poor struggling oil companies were allowed to drill in wildlife reserves and close to our shores, they would not have to seek oil in the deep ocean.

She added “[t]his is a message to extreme ‘environmentalists’ who hypocritically protest domestic energy production offshore and onshore. There is nothing ‘clean and green’ about your efforts. With your non-sensical efforts to lock up safer drilling areas, all you’re doing is outsourcing energy development, which makes us more controlled by foreign countries, less safe, and less prosperous on a dirtier planet . . . Your hypocrisy is showing. You’re not preventing environmental hazards; you’re outsourcing them and making drilling more dangerous.”

In the meantime, members of Congress and oil lobbyists are demanding that the moratorium on drilling be lifted immediately.

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  2. There’s no conflict between Britain and the United States. The conflict is between two kinds of interests – shareholder interests and citizen interests.

    And unless or until citizenship interests predominate in the Gulf – unless or until BP’s shareholders are forced by law to part with their assets to ensure the safety of the American public – shareholder interests will come first. That’s why it’s so important for the Administration (and, if necessary, Congress) to take steps to put BP America under temporary receivership, establish an escrow fund of at least $10 billion that BP must pay into, and whatever else is necessary to trump shareholder interests.

    Hence, most country’s outside of the US the shareholders have personal derivative liability. Which means that their personal assets not even tied to the shares of ownership of stock can be seized to satisfy the debts of the corporation. Which can be unlimited liability. In the US you are limited to the amount that you have invested. That is a major difference.

  3. Coast Guard rejects BP oil leak plan as too little, too late

    WASHINGTON — The Coast Guard has told oil giant BP that its proposed plan for containing the runaway Deepwater Horizon well does not take into account new higher estimates of how much oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and demanded that the company provide a more aggressive plan within 48 hours.

    The 48-hour deadline is the second the Coast Guard has given BP in the past week and indicates a growing recognition on the part of the Coast Guard that both BP and the Obama administration underestimated for weeks the amount of oil pouring from the well, which began leaking when an April 20 explosion shattered the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, killing 11 workers. The rig sank two days later, taking a mile of well pipeline with it.

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    Makes me want to be a capitalist ever so much.

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  4. Read this last night:

    Why Is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill?

    When the Obama administration, or the media, or just about anybody contradicts Dick Cheney’s views on national security, he is far from shy about responding. But facing a firestorm of criticism over the oil spill, he’s been notably silent.

    The former vice president is usually a vociferous defender of his time in government. But not on the disaster in the gulf.

    Halliburton was working on the Deepwater Horizon rig just before it blew up, opening the well and sending oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Some experts have speculated that the company may have been to blame for the explosion. The pro-oil atmosphere (and Cheney’s continued links to Halliburton) during his vice presidency, have also come to the fore since the April 20 accident.

    You just gotta love Cheney for the dip in the well(s) so to speak….

  5. Gyges,

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    Aye, I’ll forgive him. Hell, Dances With Wolves alone earned Costner a lot of slack with me. But forget? Nay, I tell you, nay. Waterworld is two hours and fifteen minutes of my life I want back.

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