Bloggie Doggie: Meet Dallas, Our Pet of the Week

This beautiful creature is Dallas Winston, or Dally. He is the faithful companion of Tim Hanner and was named for Dallas Winston of The Outsiders. He is described by Tim as “lovable and loyal one minute and tough as nails (and a tad scary) the next.” He is described by Tim as “a showboat.” If you are interested in nominating a pet (any species allowed), you can find the questions here.

Breed: Blue Tick Beagle.

Age: A strapping 21 month old

Quirks: Dally loves to sit on the armrest of chairs and to sit on the back of the neck of anyone (or thing) laying on the ground. If Dallas is present when his companion (another beagle named Two-Bit) is asked to sit or shake, he will go into a spastic fit of sitting, shaking thin air, and rolling over repeatedly, to let me know he is more masterful in the art of “Owner manipulation.” Of course as a testament to his Terrel Owens like character, he will do none of these tricks without the presence of food.

Favorite food: Dallas LOVES rabbit, but will make do with anything on my plate.


1. What story or habit sums up your pet’s character or lack thereof?

Dallas shows his devout loyalty by blocking the doorway of every room I exit, stealing my chair when I get up, and shoving me out of his favorite spot in my bed (which happens to be any spot I choose).

2. What historical figure does your pet most resemble? (Outfits are permitted)

According to my grandson, Dally resembles the heroic crime fighter Underdog. I would have to say John McCain. Because like McCain says of Osama Bin Laden, Dally would follow a rabbit “to the gates of hell.”

3. Why would your pet be a good choice for the Supreme Court and what judicial philosophy would he or she likely bring to rulings?

Dallas would not make even a remotely decent justice. He would easily side with whomever smells of food. (Just for the record, Tim, the same was said about Chief Justice Taft).

4. What public office would your pet be best suited to assume?

Without blinking Dally said “Head of the USDA!”

5. Which Supreme Court justice or leading politician would you feel most comfortable and least comfortable in using as a pet sitter for a weekend?

Dallas would love to roll with President Clinton. A sure bet for a rocking good time!

6 thoughts on “Bloggie Doggie: Meet Dallas, Our Pet of the Week”

  1. Dallas is adoreable. I had a peekabea (spelling ?) once. He had the head shape of a beagle and the beagle bugle voice. His face had the pekingese markings. However, he had the front legs of the pekingese and hind legs of a beagle. He was one of the strangest looking dogs I had ever seen. But, boy, was he a happy dog. He was happy and fun; and, I am a cat person. This guy was absolutely delightful. Every time I see beagles I think of him. Thanks.

  2. Dallas is a VERY handsome dog, paired with President Clinton the duo would register ‘lethal’ on the chick-magnet scale 🙂 Dally sounds like a smart and self determined all ’round companion as well as a hunter.

    “Smell that? You smell that? …Nothing else in the world smells like that. …I love the smell of *Hasenpfeffer* in the morning …Smelled like …victory.” (Apologies to Francis Ford Coppola)

    Happy hunting to you both.

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