7 thoughts on “Cat and Dog: A Love Story”

  1. Of course the superior feline being is the ruler of the house, that is how it has been handed down since the days of Bast. And if you dare to dispute me, I will call upon Sekhmet to give your some schooling. ( http://wuzzle.org/cave/catlore1.html )

    -Baxter Ward Cat

  2. These tired eyes needed to see something peaceful at the end of this long day.

  3. Adorable. Anything raised together can get along together but dogs and cats are diametrically opposed, behaviorally speaking.
    Many of the physical cues dogs respond to as ‘playing’ are actually menacing in catspeak. It is a joy to see that language barrier transcended in any environment. Plus…it makes that picture just the rarer…nifty!

  4. cats & dogs are no more natural enemies than lions and wolves. both cats & dogs have evolved to live with humans in human society. it would not be difficult to presume that sociability would extend to other species inhabiting the same social environment.

  5. Well, they’s someone for ever’one…hit makes my hardended heart content that 2 animials with faces that only a momma could luv cain have their own luv story–and a big story that is…

    There’s someone for everyone and Tommy’s luv was Becky:

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