Polish Police Arrest First Suspect in the Dubai Assassination

Things may have gotten more serious for Israel in the ongoing controversy of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. Interpol is looking for the agents involved in the operation with the aid of pictures from their false travel documents. Now, one of the alleged Mossad agents involved has been arrested in Poland and is being sought for extradition to Germany.

The man went by the name Uri Brodsky and is believed to be a Mossad agent in Germany who helped create a fake German passport for a member of the Mossad operation in January. He was arrested upon his arrival in Poland due to an arrest warrant issued by Germany.

Notably, Dubai police have stated that he should be prosecuted in Germany where the crime occurred. That is an interesting twist since one would expect that the Dubai police would want to interrogate the man. It may be an effort to reinforce the claim to prosecute the actual hit team members if they are captured. If the man is extradited to Germany without controversy for trial, Dubai would be in a good position to demand the same accommodation for the other suspects.

4 thoughts on “Polish Police Arrest First Suspect in the Dubai Assassination”

  1. Dubai subscribes to Interpol? Interpol wasn’t looking for “Mahmoud al-Mabhouh”, but they are looking for his assassins? Am I missing something? Or is this just normal screwed-up Mideast bull-pucky?

  2. The mossad agent was in Poland? I guess Helen Thomas has more pull than i thought.

  3. Hmm, the Polish arresting a person, hopefully it is the right one. It’s the only word that I am aware of that is a noun and verb. It all depends on how you do it, I guess.

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