GOP Candidate Alleges Conspiracy Between Government and BP in Causing Spill

Previously, we saw Rush Limbaugh suggest the Gulf spill was caused by sabotage by environmentalists to stop drilling offshore (and to avoid major oil spills in the future). Then, Sarah Palin joined in to argue that indeed the oil spill was the fault of environmentalists and their laws protecting the oceans. Now, the theme is being picked up by candidates. This week, GOP candidate Bill Randall alleged possible collusion between the government and BP in causing the spill. Randall is running for the 13th Congressional District seat in North Carolina.

Randall’s comments came at a press conference to answer questions over his military record and educational background. He proceeded however to offer this gem:

“Maybe they wanted it to leak, but then it got beyond what was anticipated and we had an explosion and loss of life,” Randall said. “Is there a cover up going on? I’m not saying there necessarily is. But I think that there are enough facts on the table for people who really need to do so to do some investigative research and find out what went on with that.”

He is opposed by Bernie Reeves, who has challenged various claims by Randall, including that he has a MBA.

My only complaint is that other possible conspirators have been left out of this expanding investigation:

1. Beef producers trying to get the surf out of “surf and turf.”

2. California tourism companies.

3. Hugo Chavez because he is Hugo Chavez

4. Illegal immigrants from the ocean floor

5. Gay marriage advocates who want to direct attention away the end of the trial in California.

25 thoughts on “GOP Candidate Alleges Conspiracy Between Government and BP in Causing Spill”

  1. How do conservatives feel about such a bizarre situation?

    John McCain has reorganized his public appearances to accommodate Sarah Palin, and is now seldom appearing alone. Is this indicative of a strong leader?

    If McCain can’t run his own ticket, how exactly should Americans feel confident that he can run the entire country?

    And how is it that, based on months of attacks against Barack Obama based on his alleged lack of experience, it was suddenly acceptable for John McCain to go out of his way to select a woman with a very short resume when there were various, well qualified options (such as the men he ran against in the primary).

  2. Obama / democratic groups made it up/exaggerated the story because Cain is in the lead
    GOP candidates/ other republican group made up/exaggerated it so that their candidate looks more favorable
    It really happened
    The women are lying/ exaggerated for their own personal reasons

  3. My earlier post (yesterday) still has “your comment is awaiting moderation” so I don’t know if it is visible to others.

    It has links to an engineering site where oil rig engineers blog.

  4. If you ever want an eye-opening experience, turn on CSPAN some day and just watch our congress people at work. It’s really frightening-on both sides of the aisle. A shocking number are really stupid.

    I watched the ritual bashing of the Big Banks by the house financial oversight committee and some of the members didn’t even understand what a mortgage was. Maxine Waters was on this committee. Totally clueless about finance.

    And, then there are the true whackos like Michelle Bachmann, who also thinks Obama extorted the $20M escrow fund, in violation of the Constitution, because the Constitution doesn’t mention anything about $20M escrow funds for BP. She knows the Constitution, she carries it with her everywhere.

  5. There are plenty of proven technologies that have been used to clean up oil spills.”

    people in hazmat suits wiping rocks with paper towels.

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