Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all on the Turley Blog (and even those on other blogs). I was awakened this morning with breakfast in bed by the four kids with grits, fried eggs, applewood bacon, and toast. We are going for a long hike in the mountains.

Here is a charming video that I saw recently. To my late father, Jack Turley, who is always much in my mind on Father’s Day:

24 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Sparrow video.

    So lovely.

    I wish all you dads a belated Happy Father’s Day.

  2. >Only Jane Wyatt had a normal life.

    Well, she was married to Ronald Reagan. So they’ve all got spotty records in my view.

  3. To my quirky, imaginative, funny, sarcastic, thinking outside the box [what box?] and anti-authoritarian father: Thanks for being the grammar police. I am sure I would sound like a hayseed if it weren’t for you.

    And, more importantly, Daddy, thanks for setting high standards, academically and, most significantly, ethically.

    And to my mother, the manners police: thanks for making me write all those thank you cards, and telling me ladies don’t cross their legs, as well as preventing me from wiping my face on the table cloth or just putting my chin on the table and shoveling the food in. [She’s still correcting my table manners.]

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