Do You Recognize These People?

The Los Angeles Police Department has taken the unusual step of releasing this video to ask citizens to identify some of the individuals who went on a rampage after the recent victory of the Lakers over the Celtics.

It took only 30 minutes for the rampage to begin – demonstrating that some people were simply waiting for an excuse to engage in wanton destruction.

The cab driver fled before the taxi was set ablaze.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section number is (213) 485-6095.

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40 thoughts on “Do You Recognize These People?”

  1. All the water there looks appealing. Dallas is land locked and hot. I have been to BC a few times but never Nova Scotia or PEI.

  2. Speaking of pork products, AY, here’s one of the best cease and desist letters EVER.

    Apparently the National Pork Board (not to be confused with Congress) took exception to a “new product” on the market at Think Geek’s website using the phrase “the new white meat”. The product?

    Canned Unicorn Meat

    As you can see by the photos, not only is unicorn meat red, it’s sparkly too.

    Bunch of goobers.

  3. I have been to Cleveland. I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is still in existence. I used to drive everywhere I went, like Austin to where ever.

    If you have ever lived in Austin, Texas, not to be confused with the Hormel Packing plant in Austin, MN you will consider everything else where ever. Not to be confused with whatever, never ever.

  4. I have been to at least 8 of Canada’s provinces, would like to go to PEI.

  5. Buckeye,

    Blessed I guess. Just remember Jimmy Buffetts song:

  6. Blouise

    Yeah, I like the Symphony and, in our area, Music on the River Bank. Not very large crowds and pretty much people that are courteous – family types.


    You were drinking beer, went to Acupulco, and had a new Riviera in high school? I never had a drink till I was 21, longest trip was from southern Ohio to Youth camp on Lake Erie, and never had a new car till I was married with 2 kids. Geez, I’ve been slower than even I thought!

  7. Buddha,

    When I was in High School or was that Hi-School we’d go across to Oklahoma to a placed called Cartwright. They were known to treat people with any money decent until you ran out, ie under-aged drinking was allowed. It was better known as no-mans land, as it could be dangerous. I think the cops were either scared to enforce the laws, made there own or were paid off, as you never saw them.

    I was at a bar and an old man at the time could have been 40 at the time, was playing with a revolver. As I scooted up to bar to have a seat, he aimed it in my general direction and said boy you don’t look like you belong here. I took this as a hint and left and never looked back.

    About 6 months later there was a riot on Lake Texoma, Burns Run which happened to be in Oklahoma. I had just gotten back from Acapulco and I went up there to drink beer and play by the lake. A single deputy decided to arrest one person for smoking a joint. In total there was about 2,500 people at that side of the lake.

    The other people up there did not like the cop doing what he did and it was the 70’s and all of that. Tore up the cruiser and did all sorts of nasty things to the car. Flipped it over by hand. I had just gotten a new Riviera and I was afraid that my car was going to get hit in the melee.

    That was it and I never went back. If memory serves me correctly between Texas and Oklahoma there were more than 21 different police jurisdictions involved in quelling the damn thing.

    I went to Austin and never went back. The place is as dangerous as Caddo lake on the Louisiana side.

  8. Gyges,

    Interesting point.

    Perhaps so no one would look for them at Tea Bagger rallies? (Just a guess.)

    It does seem a bit of unnecessary racial profiling. Looking at the images will tell you who they are, Hispanic or not.

  9. Blouise & Buckeye,

    I live by Sam’s advice (Robert De Niro) in the excellent John Frankenheimer film Ronin.

    Deirdre: [Sam retrieves his gun from behind some crates] What exactly were you doin’ back here?

    Sam: Lady, I never walk into a place I don’t know how to walk out of.

  10. On a side note, why did whoever posted the video on Youtube feel the need to include “All Hispanic?”

  11. Buckeye

    This is why I never joined anti-war marches, go to concerts, or attend large sports events. People in a crowd will do things they would never in a million years do alone.


    I am completely with you on that one … except for Blossom when the Symphony is playing or the Ballet is in town. Oh, Playhouse Square and the Circus are also exempt but everything else (including political rallies) are out … mobs are scary.

  12. “The taxicab incident was one of the most serious that occurred during the rampage.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but beating someone unconscious and trying to pull a bus driver out through the window of the bus would seem to be more serious than burning a taxicab.

    This is why I never joined anti-war marches, go to concerts, or attend large sports events. People in a crowd will do things they would never in a million years do alone. Add alcohol and you reach maximum combustion rate. People become Desmond Morris’s “Naked Ape” that we all seem to be under our – very – thin layer of civilization.

  13. Re the SC ruling that it’s criminal to aid a terrorist org IN ANY WAY. Do you expect many cases to come before the Court in future? Suppose I give to, say, Doctors Without Borders and they happened to treat a person who turned out to be Taliban or Al Qaeda or Palestine/Hammas? I am indirectly aiding terrorists. Jail for me?
    This is a horrible ruling, like most of the majority rulings these days.
    Also, if coporations are equal to people, why can’t, if judged in a trial to be guilty of say, perjury, or obstruction, or whatever, all the members of a corporation be sentenced?
    Seems to me this Court is causing chaos not to mention a measure of fascism. Roberts is right out of the Inquisition, smile and all. What is his agenda, do you know? His REAL one? meremy power?
    YOU ARE WONDERFUL and I truly enjoy any TV or radio encounters I have with you

  14. Did they move East Lansing, Michigan? They do this whether Michigan State wins or has a loss. Notice I did not say University, as there is only One, Texas…….

  15. Everyone is just sitting there filming with their phones. I hate people.

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