Chattanooga Officer Suspended Over Arrest of Husband Rushing Wife To Emergency Room

Chattanooga police officer Jim Daves has been suspended in the controversy over his arrest of Eric Wright, the husband who ran red lights to get his critically ill wife to the emergency room. As we discussed earlier, Daves allegedly blocked Wright from carrying in his wife to the ER and later charged him with a variety of criminal acts, including evading arrest for staying by his wife’s side.

Aline Wright is a cancer survivor and amputee who suffered a stroke days after the couple was married.

Daves charged the husband with traffic violations, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and assault on an officer. The assault charge was based on the fact that Daves said Wright scraped his arm with a fingernail. We have previously seen assault charges brought against citizens in abusive arrest cases, including for flatulence. We have also seen cases where distraught family members are charged for trying to help their loved one.

The criminal charges resulted in Wright being suspended from his job.

Source: ABC.

29 thoughts on “Chattanooga Officer Suspended Over Arrest of Husband Rushing Wife To Emergency Room”

  1. Do these cops know once they get off that shift and take off that badge, they are a walking target. A lot of these asshole think just because they have the uniform and the badge they can do whatever they want. And once they fuck with the wrong person, they ask why and where.

  2. I hope that witnesses step forward who viewed the man passing through red lighted intersections so they can testify that he did so in as safe a manner as possible i.e. honking, lights flashing.

    The idea that the cop charged him with so many charges, and felonies at that, demonstrates to me that the cop lost his temper and thus should not be believed. Cops who lose their temper are dangerous because they might use their club or weapon without need.

    America was once “the land of the free.”

    America, today, is so over regulated that everything we do on a daily basis has to conform to the governments idea of what life is all about. Cops are the tools which government is using to force us into the mold of humanity that government has defined.

  3. The whole reason why the Police Officer did this is so that he could get Paid Leave. It was a stunt he had planned weeks in advance. The only thing is that the victim happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people become Teachers in California for the same reason, so that they can do some inappropriate things towards young students, and then get placed on Paid Leave.

    It is many people’s Dream Come True, to get into a little bit of trouble and then get Paid Leave from the State. Where else can you get paid to do nothing, but from the State. It’s a free paycheck, where you have to do absolutely nothing but sign your name and collect your months salary while sitting at home, watching TV, all compliments of the Taxpaying residents of your State.

    It’s the Perfect Crime. Hey, nobody ever said it’s pretty…it’s a dirty job to say the least. But somebody has to collect free money from your State. It might as well be this particular police officer. He claims he deserves it.

  4. The problem is that police officers have gotten to the point that they no longer feel they are public servants. Of course, not all of them, but way too many of them.
    Proof is a law abiding citizen carrying his dying wife into an emergency ward and a police officer feeling offended because he was not obeyed? A police officer preventing a man from carrying his wife into an emergency ward because the officer feels slighted?
    Too? There is a losing face effect the officer is worried about. The officer could have handled that by assisting the husband in carrying the wife. This officer treated this couple as criminal.
    If it was? Was the wife charged with a crime? She was a partner, no? She took part in this. Lawyers could even argue it was HER fingernail. I guess the husband used her as a weapon?
    How about if the husband was an expected father. His wife prematurely delivered a baby. Wife said she was okay and begged her husband to take the baby to the emergency ward. Husband runs every red light in the world to try and save the baby. A friggin cop is upset. Feed em beans I say, and then fuck that cop in the ass,

  5. >>> What kind of cop charges battery for a fingernail scratch <<<

    I'd do it in a New York minute but it wouldn't be done to anyone but a righteous bad guy. Obviously the officer has forgotten the difference.

  6. The guy is too stupid to be a cop. Or, he is a cop because he is that stupid.

    It’s the chicken/egg thing.

  7. My ex-girlfriend was a nurse in the terminal cancer ward. These people deserve triple pay for what they go through. One interesting fact she told me is that euthanasia is not only common, it’s practically the norm. I guess one of the biggest kept secrets on the planet. Every hospital does it. Patients and their families routinely beg for the doctor to “release” them from their horror. This was the largest hospital in W.Australia and one of the most highly regarded in the world. Sometimes the patients have parts of their bodies turning to liquid in their beds and are so fragile they can’t even be turned to avoid bed sores. She noted, even patients who go in as fervent religious die-hards end up begging for the needle before the end. There’s a point at which the morphine doesn’t kill the pain anymore and they end up in a delirium where they lose their minds. That’s when the family usually steps in… It’s so common there’s an established protocol procedure to handle the requests. All hidden and “illegal” of course.

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