Veiled Threat: Iranians Issue Warnings To 62,000 “Badly Veiled Women” and Confiscate Cars

We have been following the Iranian crackdown on “badly veiled” women. It now appears that at least 62,000 women have been issued warnings about their failure to properly cover their hair in the Shiite holy province of Qom.

It appears that this crackdown is a summer tradition in Iran.

Guardian Council chief Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati is rallying clerics all over Iran, stressing “[d]rug traffickers are hanged, terrorists are executed and robbers are punished for their crimes, but when it comes to the law of God, which is above human rights, [some individuals] stay put and speak about cultural programs.” He asked followers “[s]hall we let badly-veiled women be free in the society corrupt our youth?”

What is most striking is the report that police had also confiscated around 100 cars for carrying improperly dressed women, adding that “encouraging such relaxations are among the objectives of the enemy.”

Source: wire.

6 thoughts on “Veiled Threat: Iranians Issue Warnings To 62,000 “Badly Veiled Women” and Confiscate Cars”

  1. ray: I trust you are joking.

    As since, it is a capital offense to leave Islam, we can assume that every woman (by virtue of her weaker physical stature) is a kidnap victim and staying in Islam to save her life.

    Or in this case, her head.

  2. I am with the religious police on this one. It is a basic rule of the Koran that women must be vailed.

    If these egotistical women do not want to obey Allah’s rules, they should abdicate His religion, and declare themselves heretics. If they are to cowardly to quit the Islamic faith they should accept the enevitable consequences without protest against it.

  3. In this story you have just one too many “i’s” and an “e” in Shiite that do not belong then the story is more accurate.

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