Mannequin Mascetomies: Iranian Officials Reportedly Ordering Removal of Breasts From Mannequins

There is another bizarre account from Iran where the government has been cracking down on “baldy veiled women.” It appears that it is not just actual women who offend Sharia-sensibilities. There is a photo running on the web that allegedly shows how Iran’s religious police are giving double mascetomies to mannequins to avoid the appearance of breasts in public.

This issue was made public in a 2007 documentary Rough Cut by Iranian director Firouzeh Khosrovani.

Khosrovani stated in 2009 that “The amputation of the mannequins is something that can explain many things. It is imposed on the shopkeepers under the claim that they are very sexy and they provoke sinful, immoral thoughts in men. My question is why do women have to cover ourselves in order to prevent man’s sin?”

His work, however, is banned in Iran and even harder to see than breasts on mannequins.

Source: Secular News.

19 thoughts on “Mannequin Mascetomies: Iranian Officials Reportedly Ordering Removal of Breasts From Mannequins”

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  2. Hmmm. I had no idea that breasts in Iran and uterus’s (uteri?)in the religious right fundamentalism of certain groups in the U.S. were so powerful. Did I sleep through that class in grad school? Perhaps I should go back to the surgeons and demand my “power” back. Or better yet, let’s demand elimination of the (apparently) frightened penises of those same religious fundementalists (regardless of their nation of origin).

  3. Well the woman who complained that PT is doing too many posts about Israel obviously has no problem with the number of posts about Moslem knuckleheads. I would bet there are many more posts on this type of Islamic craziness than about Israel.

  4. I have to say all this does is make the mannequins more child-like…

    and well, I’m not saying everyone in Iran has sinful, immoral thoughts when they see a child, but they sure seem to like to wed them at age 12 and in some cases even murder them by literally fucking them to death as we’ve read about….

    Yeah, there is plenty of sin and immorality to battle in Iran, but it got nothing to do with mannequins…

    I’m thinking maybe showing Iranians what an actual grown-up woman looks like may not be too bad an idea.. it could save a few children from death by groom.

    I’ve far reached the tipping point with religion-induced stupidity in this world, I wouldn’t hesitate a second if I had a button I could push… and Texas would be next.

  5. Wow, just ‘wow’. You know what the worst thing about being an atheist is? It’s knowing that if you can’t get justice in the here and now you never will.

    I notice there’s a civil suit which tells me that these a++holes probably aren’t being prosecuted in a criminal action. I see also from the filing that a jury trial is demanded; I’d like to be on that jury.

  6. Off topic for this story but on topic for the site:

    ‘Don’t Taze My Granny!’

    Just the first sentence is enough:

    “(CN) – Police Tasered an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she couldn’t breathe, after her grandson called 911 seeking medical assistance, the woman and her grandson claim in Oklahoma City Federal Court.”

  7. I need a mannequin for an art project. I need one that I am able to paint over. The art project is me getting a full body mannequin and drawing tattoo’s all over it so I can get a good grade on the final. I really want to do this project, but I don’t have a lot of money to buy one that is at minimum $100. Please Help!!! I can pay at least $25 for it.

  8. lottakatz:

    I went to school in Columbia and was a member of the college republicans. None that I knew were against boobs. In fact the male contingent of the group were all for boobs. Based on that fact alone I doubt Ashcroft was a true conservative republican. We think boobs are swell.

    I think Ashcroft was a member of the Ken Cuccinelli brand of religious fundamentalist republicans who have never met a boob they didn’t want to cover up. We here in Virginia are now dominated by boob hating republicans-from the governor on down.

    So now you know how to distinguish between the 2, true conservatives think boobs are just dandy, fundamentalist republicans think boobs should be covered any time any place. A possible explanation for the Klan wearing sheets?

  9. John Ashcroft hated boobs, the 1st, 4th and 6th amendments, (actually, most of the amendments) and distinguished himself by being the only candidate for US Senate to lose to a dead man. As a Missouri resident I like to think my vote helped bestow that dubious ‘honor’ on him. Just how out of touch with reality do you have to be for even Missouri voters know that voting for a dead man (and a roll-of-the-dice appointment by the Governor) is a better choice for office than John Ashcroft? 🙂

  10. Psst! AY!

    The joke you were looking for was “Abdullamyoblongata”.

    (One lives to be of service.)

  11. George,

    He who smelt it dealt it?

    Maybe that’s not an adage but a truism?

    Methinks you are on to something there.

  12. George:

    surely you will burn in eternal damnation for your blasphemy. Achmynutsaredimjob and I have targeted you for arrest and incarceration at a mannequin factory. I think you know what you will be doing.

  13. “It is imposed on the shopkeepers under the claim that they are very sexy and they provoke sinful, immoral thoughts in men.”

    I find it hilarious that these “holly” men sit around all day apparently looking for things to “provoke sinful, immoral thoughts” in themselves so they can then decide whether or not these things will “provoke sinful, immoral thoughts” in the public in general.

    I have news for these folks, not everyone is as sick as you! That goes for Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and the big guy too! It takes one to know one, and you all spend an inordinate amount of time meditating on sex and perversion. It’s time to admit it to yourself and come clean. It must be painful to live with that much “sin” on your hands and in your mind.

  14. Hmmmm, what about the flat chested ones with nipple points. Are they subject to schism….that is the correct word I hope…..

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