North Korea Demands $65 Trillion From U.S. For Being a Meanie

Cash-strapped North Korea has also its economic woes: it is demanding $65 trillion in compensation for six decades of hostility. That is over $12 trillion a decade and over $1 trillion a year. They could have told us and we would have shown all our hostility in a more efficient period like a year.

The bill came due on the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. This makes sense when you realize that the 60th anniversary is your “diamond” anniversary — in this case, a lot of diamonds.

While the U.S. is rejecting the demand, I think that the Administration is a bit premature. I think we should pay in full . . . in Gulf oil and AIG stock.

Source: Economic Times.

23 thoughts on “North Korea Demands $65 Trillion From U.S. For Being a Meanie”

  1. Once the manifestation becomes more solidified, we should be able to move the North-South issue forward.

  2. North Korea has increased its offer to $3.22. This is about 80% of its GDP.

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