North Korea Demands $65 Trillion From U.S. For Being a Meanie

Cash-strapped North Korea has also its economic woes: it is demanding $65 trillion in compensation for six decades of hostility. That is over $12 trillion a decade and over $1 trillion a year. They could have told us and we would have shown all our hostility in a more efficient period like a year.

The bill came due on the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. This makes sense when you realize that the 60th anniversary is your “diamond” anniversary — in this case, a lot of diamonds.

While the U.S. is rejecting the demand, I think that the Administration is a bit premature. I think we should pay in full . . . in Gulf oil and AIG stock.

Source: Economic Times.

23 thoughts on “North Korea Demands $65 Trillion From U.S. For Being a Meanie”

  1. If you are still looking for a one good man Diogenes, I’d suggest not looking at any reflective surfaces.

  2. Folks, it is almost always that Might is Right!

    That guy has at least some MORAL grounds for his claim, if not a legal one!!!

    I’d even go farther and say that the Iraq government and people have right to claim several Trillions $$$ too!!! Probably Afghanistan also.

    I’d suggest that Iran should start preparing their case now. May be it will cause our “Federal Reserve” et al. to have a second thought. “You know what I mean, Ah, Ah,….”

  3. [youtube=]

    Just for you, Willy. It would be a shame . . .

  4. just give him a box set of “Elvis’s greatest hits”. that’ll keep him busy for a couple of years.

  5. can you really sue someone for hostility? I’m about to become incredible wealthy…..

  6. Nice capital city ya got there South Korea. I wouldn’t want see it get shelled into dust. Just sayin’. For $65 Trillion I can make sure it doesn’t happen…

  7. Puzzling:

    you drop a ball from a tower and it falls to the ground, no surprises about that article. It is the inevitable consequence of those types of policies and it can happen anywhere, anytime to any culture. As you imply we are not immune.

  8. Wayne in Minnesota “Maybe they can eliminate the middle man and just borrow it from China themselves?”

    Oh snap! Well said sir.

  9. Byron,

    Imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by that propaganda constantly… an all-powerful government alleging countless foreign terroristic threats in order to justify massive military expenditures, total control of the economy, and brutal police state?


  10. Byron,

    I’m going to wait until they come out with the DPR Korea embellished edible underwear.

  11. How about the South Koreans give $65 trillion for backing them up for six decades. And Germany, Japan, and Israel.

  12. “Shown all” your “hostility in a more efficient period”!

    By golly Professor, that sounds like fightin’ talk!

  13. Maybe they can eliminate the middle man and just borrow it from China themselves?

  14. Pre Value or Post? I think there should be a meeting of the minds in order to sift through the nonsense. But, who am I to say.

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